GitHub Actions: macOS virtual environment is updating to Catalina and dropping Mojave support

On November 4th, the macOS virtual environment for GitHub Actions will update to Catalina (v10.15), the latest version of macOS X. After the update, jobs using the macos-10.14 virtual environment will not run. Any jobs in your workflows that run on the macos-10.14 virtual environment must migrate to macos-latest.

We’re also making a few changes to the minimum supported versions of Xamarin and Xcode. Changes include:

  • Removed Xamarin.iOS SDK 12.*
  • Removed Xamarin.iOS SDK 11.*
  • Removed Xamarin.iOS SDK 10.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Android SDK 9.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Android SDK 8.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Android SDK 7.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Mac SDK – 5.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Mac SDK – 4.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Mac SDK – 3.*
  • Removed Xcode 10.*
  • Removed Xcode 9.*

To learn more about the different virtual environments and included software, please read Virtual Environments for GitHub Actions. Please contact GitHub Support if you run into any problems or need help.

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