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Deployments API updates

You can now set the deployment status environment, create new deployment status states, and auto-inactivate production deployments. To try out the new functionality, send the application/vnd.github.flash-preview+json media type when accessing the API.

Learn more about the deployments status API updates

User blocking notifications

Organizations often block disruptive users to keep conversations welcoming, constructive, and on track. In June, organizations gained the ability to temporarily block users. Instead of permanently parting ways with a disruptive user, this provided a cool-off period for the user to alter their behavior. This forced “time out”, however, isn’t as effective if the disruptive user doesn’t know that they’re blocked, or if the organization fails to moderate the disruptive content itself.

Organization administrators can now block users from the “kebab” menu of an offending comment by clicking the “block user” menu item. Additionally, organization admins will now have the option to minimize the blocked user’s comments or notify the user that they’ve been blocked.

The notification is sent to the blocked user via email (and is displayed for the when the user tries to comment) and includes a link to the offending content, the duration of the block, a link to the repository’s code of conduct (if present), and the organization’s contact email (if public).

For more information, see blocking a user from your organization.

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