New GitHub Terms of Service

We’re in the process of updating our Terms of Service, and we’d like to get your input on the draft of our new Terms. Why the change? In short, our…

Hannah Poteat

Updates to our Privacy Statement

When you check your GitHub account today, you’ll see an announcement letting you know that we’ve updated our Privacy Statement. Check it out! Before we get into what’s new, rest…

Hannah Poteat

Doubling Down on ConnectHome

Today GitHub is proud to host the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julián Castro, at our SF office. We are thrilled to welcome him, his senior staff, community organizations,…

Nicole Sanchez

GitHub is a Proud ConnectHome Partner

We are excited to announce GitHub’s partnership with the White House and the Department of Housing and Urban Development that will equip low-income homes with affordable and free broadband wireless…

Nicole Sanchez

GitHub’s 2014 Transparency Report

Like most online services, GitHub occasionally receives legal requests relating to user accounts and content, such as subpoenas or takedown notices. You may wonder how often we receive such requests…

Jesse Geraci

Fighting patent trolls with the LOT Network

GitHub is joining the LOT Network, an open patent-licensing program designed to reduce patent litigation. The rising threat of patent trolls Some claim that software patents are essential to motivate…

Tal Niv