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Announcing GItHub Sponsors

FAQ with the GitHub Sponsors team

Hello, this is Devon from the GitHub Sponsors Team! It's been incredibly motivating for us to see the outpouring of enthusiasm for the launch and to hear your ideas for where you'd like to see it go from here. We're just getting started, and your input is important to keep us going in the right direction.

Devon Zuegel
Maintainer spotlight: Courtney Wilburn

Maintainer spotlight: Courtney Wilburn

In the month of February, we’re featuring Black maintainers that push open source software forward. Read on to find out about Courtney Wilburn, the maintainer of three open source projects: the Green Book App, Dank Memes, and EvictionAnd.

Leithia Williams
Maintainer spotlight: William Shepherd

Maintainer spotlight: William Shepherd

In the spirit of Black History Month, throughout February we’re featuring Black maintainers who are making impactful contributions to the world through open source. William is the maintainer of GitHub…

Jessica Canepa