Easy Git!

eg is a nifty piece of work. Are you meeting resistance trying to move your coworkers or friends to Git? ("SVN is good enough.") Know someone who would love to…

Chris Wanstrath

Scripting Bioclipse

Bioclipse (a Java-based, open source, visual platform for chemo- and bioinformatics) has scripting support and the community has developed a great method for sharing those scripts: Gist! They create Gists…

Chris Wanstrath

Gist for Greasemonkey

We're now appending the gist name at the end of its raw url. That means it's dead-simple to serve greasemonkey (or greasekit) scripts directly from I was able to…

PJ Hyett

Dirty Git State in Your Prompt

Henrik has a great article explaining why and how to display Git's dirty state status (along with the branch, of course) in your bash prompt. topfunky prefers a skull and…

Chris Wanstrath

Speedy Queries

First our new queue, and now this: ![]( ![]( The site should be much faster - but it's still not fast enough. We're hard at work making things like git…

Chris Wanstrath

The New Queue

Yesterday we moved to a new queue, Shopify's delayed_job (or dj). After trying a few different solutions in the early days, we settled on Ara Howard's Bj. It was fine…

Chris Wanstrath

Scaling Lesson #23742

GitHub was created as a side project, but it seems to have struck a nerve and gained traction quickly. As such, a lot of the infrastructure decisions were made not…

PJ Hyett

Supercharged git-daemon

Over the past several weeks I've been working on a secret Erlang project that will allow us to grow GitHub in new and novel ways. The project is called egitd…

Tom Preston-Werner

Supercharged Ruby-Git

One of the slowest things you can do in Ruby is shell out to the operating system. As a contrived example, let's open an empty file 1,000 times: >> require…

PJ Hyett

Downtime Tonight

We'll have an hour or two of downtime tonight around midnight PST while the awesome dudes at Engine Yard upgrade our disk capacity. Thanks, see you on the flip side.

Chris Wanstrath