Git over Bonjour

Chad Fowler and friends busted out the amazing gitjour this weekend at RailsConf. It's a simple RubyGem which lets you serve and clone git repositories over Apple's Bonjour. I'm at…

Chris Wanstrath

RailsConf Git Talk

If you didn't catch Scott's awesome Git talk at Railsconf today, you missed out. Luckily he's posted his slides at

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Textmate Theme!

This is most excellent. Just last night PJ asked for a GitHub TextMate theme on Twitter. Scott Becker answered the call: GitHub Theme for TextMate. Should go great with the…

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub at RailsConf

RailsConf 2008 (and CabooseConf) is about to begin. If you're heading to Portland, say hi. We'll have t-shirts and stickers, as well as a big banner in the Engine Yard…

Chris Wanstrath

More Textmate Bundle Goodness

Dr Nic continues onward with his GitHub Textmate bundle. The newest feature? Line commenting. See it in action: TextMate + GitHub - how to comment/discuss on a line via GitHub…

Chris Wanstrath

Meet the Developers

Meet the three gentlemen responsible for all your favorite GitHub bugs and features. PJ Hyett (pjhyett) is one of the two penmen behind popular Ruby and Rails tabloid rag Err…

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Textmate Bundle!

Dr Nic has just announced the GitHub Textmate Bundle. Check out a short video of the bundle in action, straight from the good Doctor's blog: TextMate and GitHub: Show the…

Chris Wanstrath

Got a SHA?

Just Google it and click "I'm Feeling Lucky". Our friend Google should take you right to the commit. (Spotted on the refactotum tweeter)

Chris Wanstrath

Friday Fun

Our favorite host, Engine Yard, snapped a picture of the GitHub hardware and I wanted to share: Who likes a lot of blinking lights? I do! I do!

PJ Hyett

Git and GitHub on Windows

Kyle Cordes has written a guide on using Git (and GitHub) on Windows. It's well written and covers everything from generating ssh keys to installing msysGit. Check it out if…

Chris Wanstrath

Our Open Source

A list of projects extracted and open sourced from GitHub can be found on the GitHub account. We've also forked all the projects we are using on the site. Meta,…

Chris Wanstrath

Tasty Tidbits

Chris Wanstrath of Err the Blog (hey that's me!) just posted an article covering some tasty GitHub tidbits. Range highlighting, key shortcuts, keeping dotfiles in git, and the GitHub gem…

Chris Wanstrath

The Fabulous Scriptaculous Wiki, the popular Prototype based JS effect and control framework, is moving its wiki to GitHub. Pitch in and help 'em out. The GitHub wiki system will soon undergo some…

Chris Wanstrath