One of my favorite people uses the MooTools Javascript framework and noticed something on the framework's website: That's right, MooTools development now happens at GitHub. Yet another awesome project has…

Chris Wanstrath

Rails 2.1 Book Translation

Carlos Brando and Marcos Tapajós have written a book on Rails 2.1 in Portuguese which is now being translating into English - right here on GitHub! If you want to…

Chris Wanstrath

Ready for Lift Off

Liftweb, the hot Scala (a functional, JVM language) web framework, is now hosted on GitHub. Be sure to check out the demo or follow their Twitter if you're interested. The…

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Shirts

The 350 GitHub t-shirts we gave away at RailsConf 2008 last weekend were a huge hit! For anyone that wasn't there, the fronts say "fork you" and the backs say…

Tom Preston-Werner

An Open Source Renaissance

Yan Pritzker thinks GitHub is leading an open source renaissance. Duh! This very simple idea of tracking the forking network of a particular project, and doing it well, is why…

Chris Wanstrath

Git over Bonjour

Chad Fowler and friends busted out the amazing gitjour this weekend at RailsConf. It's a simple RubyGem which lets you serve and clone git repositories over Apple's Bonjour. I'm at…

Chris Wanstrath

RailsConf Git Talk

If you didn't catch Scott's awesome Git talk at Railsconf today, you missed out. Luckily he's posted his slides at

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Textmate Theme!

This is most excellent. Just last night PJ asked for a GitHub TextMate theme on Twitter. Scott Becker answered the call: GitHub Theme for TextMate. Should go great with the…

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub at RailsConf

RailsConf 2008 (and CabooseConf) is about to begin. If you're heading to Portland, say hi. We'll have t-shirts and stickers, as well as a big banner in the Engine Yard…

Chris Wanstrath

More Textmate Bundle Goodness

Dr Nic continues onward with his GitHub Textmate bundle. The newest feature? Line commenting. See it in action: TextMate + GitHub - how to comment/discuss on a line via GitHub…

Chris Wanstrath

Meet the Developers

Meet the three gentlemen responsible for all your favorite GitHub bugs and features. PJ Hyett (pjhyett) is one of the two penmen behind popular Ruby and Rails tabloid rag Err…

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Textmate Bundle!

Dr Nic has just announced the GitHub Textmate Bundle. Check out a short video of the bundle in action, straight from the good Doctor's blog: TextMate and GitHub: Show the…

Chris Wanstrath