It’s a Calendar About Nothing

technoweenie and kneath teamed up to create the "Calendar About Nothing." Visually track your open source contributions over time. Try not to break your streak! Just PM calendaraboutnothing on GitHub…

Chris Wanstrath

Has my gem built yet?

James Smith wants you to know if your gem has built yet. ![]( It's open source, too. Thanks James!

Chris Wanstrath

Pimp Your Prototype Code

Are you a Prototype coder? If so, you might want your code pimped by the guys behind the framework. The idea: I’m an avid reader of the blog of Wil…

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Disaster Guide

It's true, GitHub goes down. But this is not centralized version control land - GitHub going down does not have to stop you from committing to or deploying your code…

Chris Wanstrath

Code Search On Vacation

The Code Search feature will be taking a brief vacation as we try to iron out some kinks with it. ![](

Chris Wanstrath

ZendCon 2008 Pics

![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( Flickr set.

Chris Wanstrath

Kindle Winner

![]( ![](

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Decimates!

Russell Mull discusses his experience hacking on Cappuccino: While playing with cappuccino, I thought I’d fix a few bugs. So I made a github account and cloned the full repo.…

Chris Wanstrath

PostgreSQL on GitHub

Okay no, they're not here yet. But the amazing PostgreSQL has a git mirror which can only mean one thing - they need to move to GitHub. ![]( Are you…

Chris Wanstrath

Git Down Speaker #2

rictic will be showing off his code_swarm fork, which you may have seen in this video. ![]( We still need more speakers - if you've got anything interesting and Git…

Chris Wanstrath

Use GitHub as your Blog!

David Baldwin has said goodbye to WordPress and started using GitHub as his blog. Go see for yourself: I love seeing novel uses of git and GitHub and this…

Tom Preston-Werner

Git in Haskell

Evan Martin's gat is Git in Haskell. If you're interested in Git, Haskell, or both, the code is worth a gander.

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub at ZendCon

Catch the whole GitHub crew at the 2008 ZendCon in Santa Clara on September 16th and 17th! [![](]( Stop by booth 304 if you're attending and grab a t-shirt or…

Chris Wanstrath