NYC Drinkup Tomorrow (Tues 15)

GitHub is in New York City and tomorrow night at 9pm we're sponsoring the drinks at the O'Reilly Tools of Change conference at the Sheraton in midtown. Please stop by…

Scott Chacon

Mind Control with Frickin Lasers

Several months ago I hosted a GitHub meetup in Boston to which tons of local geeks attended and drank free beer. During that meeting, I talked to a local graduate…

Scott Chacon

GitHub Meetup SF #24

UPDATE: We're not that smart, and didn't realize Mad Dog has Trivia nights on Thursdays. So, we're moving next door to Danny Coyle's. We haight to miss a meetup Thursday……

Kyle Neath

GitHub meetup Portland edition

Join us on Wednesday, December 15th for a meetup in beautiful (albeit damp) Portland OR. Among other things, we will be celebrating what is forecasted to be the day of…

Melissa Severini

Hubcap: a Socially Aware GitHub Mac App

Erik Michaels-Ober started a Kickstarter project to fund Hubcap, a proposed native Mac client for GitHub. The plan is to bring the elegance of various Twitter clients to GitHub and…

Risk Olson

GitHub Meetup SF #23

Welcome to the holiday edition of GitHub meetups! Its exactly like all of the other meetups, but its in December. Think of it as a congratulations, you made it to…

Melissa Severini

Let’s get to know each other

It seems like way too often I run into someone who's been using GitHub for a long time but has just learned about one of our long-time features like fork…

Kyle Neath
Get Good with Git

Get Good with Git

If you have little or no experience on the command line, and no experience with Git, this might be the ebook for you: Getting Good With Git. From command line…

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Meetup in Dublin – Sept 11

Join Tom, Kyle, Scott and PJ at the Guinness Gravity Bar this Saturday from 20:00. There will be a bunch of people there for the FunConf after party, so make…

PJ Hyett