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How we improved push processing on GitHub

Pushing code to GitHub is one of the most fundamental interactions that developers have with GitHub every day. Read how we have significantly improved the ability of our monolith to correctly and fully process pushes from our users.


A thumbnail graphic for a video from GitHub about how software is helping blind people.

How NVDA & OSARA are empowering blind people globally

Meet Michael “Mick” Curran and Jamie Teh, the creators of the open-source NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) screen reader—and a community of blind and low-vision developers, musicians, and audio engineers who use NVDA and OSARA.

A thumbnail graphic for a Copilot Workspace demo on YouTube from GitHub.

How to use Copilot Workspace

A closer look at how to use GitHub’s Copilot Workspace as GitHub Next’s Senior Director of Research, Idan Gazit, with a full demo and tutorial.

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GitHub Universe 2024

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