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Just launched: Second cohort of the DPG Open Source Community Manager Program!

Are you looking to have a positive impact in open source development? This program may be for you! Apply by May 30 to join.

Just launched: Second cohort of the DPG Open Source Community Manager Program!

Are you looking for an opportunity where you can have a positive impact in open source development? Then, our DPG Open Source Community Manager Program may be for you!

GitHub Social Impact is excited to announce the launch of our second cohort, which has been built on learnings from our pilot cohort last year. This program is designed to connect community managers who are interested in making a difference with digital public goods (DPGs) that need support with engaging external contributors. The goal is two-fold: to create more opportunities for developers interested in working on open source for good and to unlock resources for DPGs that will allow them to maximize their impact as they tackle critical global challenges. Last year, we had applicants from Kenya, Nigeria, USA, India, Singapore, Ghana, Canada, Philippines, Palau, Pakistan, Togo, Cameroon, South Africa, United Kingdom, Panama, Uganda, Taiwan, Tanzania, Senegal, France, Russia, Turkey, with nine community managers eventually selected. Participants were chosen in partnership with the DPGs based on their interest in open source, eagerness to expand their technical skills, and passion in the social sector. Selected managers went through a virtual training, were partnered with a DPG, and received a badge to add to their GitHub profile. This year, we aim to expand this program to accept three times as many applicants!

Here’s what one of our past participants had to say about the program:

The Open Source Community Manager Program gave us a chance to learn from the experts on the best practices for running an open source community. Being just a junior developer, I got to see how to utilize GitHub to help me set up a whole open source ecosystem.

- Winnie Mandela, @techmadi

About DPGs

DPGs describe open source software, open data, open AI models, open standards, or open content that adhere to the DPG Standard. DPGs may help protect countries from vendor lock-in, facilitate local capacity building, and break down innovation silos by facilitating connection and reuse of existing systems. DPGs range from public health information systems to data gathering mapping tools used by governments and large nonprofit organizations. Last year, seven DPGs were involved in the program including Uli, Open Terms Archive, Chayn, OpenFisca, Uwazi,, and Social Income. This year, we are opening the program to even more DPGs and organizations in the process of becoming a DPG.

Program overview

GitHub and the DPG’s maintainers will screen and select the community managers. Following a free training program GitHub will provide, the community manager is anticipated to work part-time for six months with the DPG maintainer. The exact number of working hours will be mutually agreed upon between the community managers and the DPGs.

One community manager will be selected for each DPG, with subject matter expertise heavily considered. This year we will have a number of DPGs such as Ushahidi, an open source software application that utilizes user-generated reports to collate and map data.

In addition to having a positive impact, other program benefits include:

  • There is no cost to participate!
  • You’ll receive free training on community management.
  • Upon completing the program, you’ll receive a GitHub Badge for your profile.
  • You’ll make connections with incredible DPGs and network with other community managers.


  • May 8—Application opens
  • May 30—Application closes
  • June 7—All applicants notified
  • June 17—Community manager training begins
  • August 5—Project matching with DPG and community manager begins
  • December 9—Program wrap-up

Application for community managers

We encourage applicants from all backgrounds and experience levels to apply. Past participants are also welcome to apply again this year. We’ll focus on applicants with:

  • Exposure to or an interest in open source software development for nonprofits and the social sector.
  • Knowledge of working with Git/GitHub.
  • Strong communicator in written, verbal, and spoken English.
  • Excellent facilitation skills and the ability to encourage participation.
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience working in the social sector, such as for the United Nations, an INGO, or another nonprofit organization that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Collaborative spirit; enjoys working with diverse and global teams.

Note that all applicants must agree to the application terms and conditions.

Apply here by May 30.

Please write to us if you have any questions.

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