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Copilot in GitHub Support is now available!

Experience AI-powered assistance for queries related to GitHub topics.

Copilot in GitHub Support is now available!

We’re excited to announce the general availability of a powerful new AI tool designed to help you find answers to your GitHub-specific questions in a fast, self-directed way.

Copilot in GitHub Support is trained on the official GitHub documentation and offers a responsive conversational experience to deliver reliable advice on a wide range of GitHub-related topics.

Following an initial release in August 2023 to a randomly selected cohort of GitHub Enterprise customers, it’s now ready and waiting to converse with a much wider audience!

What can this new experience do for me?

Copilot in GitHub Support reduces the need to manually search for the right context across different pages in the official GitHub documentation. The assistant efficiently distills relevant information from multiple GitHub documents at once into a concise, tailored response—significantly reducing the time required to research a topic and often removing the need for a traditional round-trip response from our Support team.

Copilot in GitHub Support also includes links to any documentation it uses when crafting an answer so that you’re able to review the material or bookmark it for future reference.

How can I start a conversation?

The great news is that you don’t have to do anything unusual to start a conversation, there’s no magic incantation—the assistant is built right into the existing GitHub Support contact form. All you need to do is choose your account, briefly describe the issue you need some help with, and click Start chat.

Screenshot of the interface allowing users who need help with GitHub to either chat with Copilot in GitHub Support or open a ticket.

If at any point during the conversation you would like to stop chatting with Copilot in GitHub Support and open a ticket for assistance from a human, you can click Submit a ticket. Remember to click My problem is solved if the assistant was able to help you.

Screenshot of the dialog box that allows a user to end the chat with Copilot in GitHub Support and open a ticket instead.

Getting the most out of your conversation

You can chat with Copilot in GitHub Support as you would in a typical conversation with one of our Support team members or any other person.

When describing your issue, remember to include relevant information, such as error messages, along with any steps you’ve already tried and their outcomes. If the assistant misunderstands you, you can gently correct it by pointing out its mistake or adding additional context. Doing so often leads to a more relevant response.

Knowing which answers were helpful to you is valuable feedback as we work on continuously improving Copilot in GitHub Support. If you’d like to let us know how it did, you can click thumbs up or thumbs down under each response.

We’re excited for you to try Copilot in GitHub Support and can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

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