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GitHub Certifications are generally available

Unlock your full potential with GitHub Certifications! Earning a GitHub certification will give you the competitive advantage of showing up as a GitHub expert.

GitHub Certifications are generally available

Certifications are the golden keys to unlocking a world of opportunities that can supercharge your career, boost productivity, and amplify your salary. For employers, certifications are the secret sauce that fuels increased productivity, provides indisputable proof of your skills during the hiring process, and ignites innovation within your organization.

And here’s the exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that our GitHub Certification program, which has been exclusively available to employees and partners, is now accessible to all customers worldwide!

Starting today, everyone can access the registration site to begin learning and preparing for the exams.

Available certifications

Earning a GitHub certification will give you the competitive advantage of showing up as a GitHub expert. Let’s take a look at each path.

GitHub Foundations Certification

The GitHub Foundations certification program is designed to introduce learners new to the GitHub platform fundamental concepts and products of GitHub. You will learn how to use git and explore some of GitHub’s core features, such as repository management, commits, branching, merging, and project management. You will also discover how to contribute to open source projects on GitHub and effectively use markdown. You can check out the full curriculum here to explore more topics covered in this pathway.

GitHub Actions Certification

The GitHub Actions certificate introduces you to GitHub Actions so you can learn to automate your software development workflows. You will learn how to build CI/CD pipelines, manage GitHub Actions for enterprises and much, much more. By the end of it, you’ll be ready to be the go to person on your team for all things actions. See the full curriculum here.

GitHub Advanced Security Certification

The GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) certificate is designed to teach you how to secure your code with advanced security features at every stage of your development lifecycle. GHAS is specific to GitHub Enterprise, so this certificate is designed for enterprise developers to evaluate and configure secret scanning, code scanning with CodeQL, dependency management, and much more on private repositories. See the full curriculum here.

GitHub Administration Certification

The GitHub Administration certificate will teach you everything you need to maintain a healthy, robust, and secure GitHub environment that supports the needs of your organization. You can see the full curriculum here.

Study Guides for all!

Cartoon-style drawing of two octocats sitting at a desk as if studying, alongside the text "Study Guide: GitHub Certifications."

We’ve created detailed study guides for each certification program. You can grab the study guides for each certificate from this repository, in addition to resources to help you prepare for the exam.

Verified credentials with Credly

After successful completion of a certificate exam, you will receive a Credly badge and certificate to verify your credentials.

Badges representing the four available GitHub Certifications: GitHub Foundations, GitHub Actions, GitHub Advanced Security, and GitHub Admin.

We are so excited for you to better learn and understand our tools. If you have any questions about the certification program, be sure to check out our FAQ page and the Candidate Handbook.

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