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GitHub’s top blog posts of 2023

As the year winds down, we're highlighting some of the incredible work from GitHub’s engineers, product teams, and security researchers.

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As 2023 winds down, The GitHub Blog is highlighting your favorite posts of the year. These are the most-read and shared blogs of 2023. Not only did the incredible work from GitHub’s engineers, product teams, and security researchers draw lots of attention, but many of you spent time consuming how-to articles and guides, along with overviews of your favorite programming languages (hello, Rust). So grab a warm beverage, find a quiet corner for reading, and let’s take a look at some of the top posts published this year!

AI is everywhere

GitHub Copilot grew and evolved this year, and developers loved reading all about it. We shared several big announcements about your AI pair programmer and offered some guides to get you up to speed on LLMs and prompt engineering.

Making you more productive and secure

This year we also beefed up security and launched new productivity tools to supercharge your software development.

How GitHub builds GitHub

Alongside everything new and improved that we announced, we also shared glimpses behind the scenes into how our engineering teams build the products that you use every day. Find out how we deliver first-class tools and experiences internally to our own developers and externally to everyone who uses GitHub around the world.

The programming languages you love

In our annual Octoverse report, we studied how open source activity around AI, the cloud, and Git are changing the developer experience. One takeaway? You love programming in Python and Rust.

  • Why Python keeps growing, explained
    A deep dive into why more people are using Python than ever, its key use cases, and why it’s still so popular 30-plus years after it was first released.
  • Why Rust is the most admired language among developers
    Rust continues to top the charts as the most admired and desired language by developers, and in this post, we dive a little deeper into how (and why) Rust is stealing the hearts of developers around the world.

Check back in 2024 to learn more about software development and what GitHub is doing to help you grow and build!

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