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Leveraging AI to empower all developers at GitHub Universe 2023

GitHub Universe 2023 is just around the corner! Join us and learn how GitHub is leveraging AI to empower all developers, including developers with disabilities.

Leveraging AI to empower all developers at GitHub Universe 2023

In just a few days, our global community of developers will come together for GitHub Universe. The annual conference includes an in-person experience at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco as well as a free virtual experience. We’ve included accessibility in the planning process from the very beginning and we simply can’t wait to welcome all developers, including developers with disabilities, for two days of learning and fun!

GitHub Universe accessibility plans include:

  • Reserved seating for in-person presentations
  • ASL transcription for broadcast streams and as requested for in-person attendees
  • Real-time transcription in English for most sessions, and a limited number of assistive listening devices for in-person presentations
  • Real-time translation in four languages (English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French) available on broadcasted sessions
  • Advanced access to menus in a digital format
  • Quiet space
  • Mother’s Room
  • Designated service animal relief area

Do you have additional accessibility needs beyond those listed above? Please share those needs in the appropriate field during registration or email us at If you’re attending in-person, stop by the Accessibility booth for GitHub accessibility swag! The Accessibility booth will be located near the Registration booth at the Mission Street entrance.

Welcoming special guests

We are particularly excited to welcome students from AccessComputing to GitHub Universe this year. AccessComputing is a National Science Foundation-funded Broadening Participation in Computing Alliance that works to increase the participation of people with disabilities in computing education and careers. GitHub is proud to be an industry partner and we are thrilled to strengthen that partnership during two days of learning and networking with students at GitHub Universe.

Showcasing accessibility

GitHub Universe will include several sessions that focus on accessibility. Here are a few you don’t want to miss:

Check out the complete list of sessions that include the topic of accessibility here.

Empowering all developers with AI

As we consider how to improve the developer experience with AI, we work to include upper case “A” Accessibility for developers with disabilities. However, we are also excited about the lowercase “a” accessibility aspect of an AI-powered developer experience that lowers barriers and democratizes coding. As a result, more developers with disabilities have the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of our discipline and realize the benefits of AI-powered gains in developer productivity and happiness. They also have the opportunity to leverage AI in unique and personal ways. For example, Anton Mirhorodchenko, a developer with Cerebral Palsy, realizes his potential using AI.

Here are a few must-see sessions that showcase how AI can empower all developers:

Check out the complete list of sessions that include the topic of AI here.

Wrapping up

Our vision for the future of software development includes an AI-powered experience that boosts developer productivity and happiness. We want every single developer to be a part of that future. Join us at GitHub Universe to learn more!

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