For the first time ever, the GitHub Universe team partnered with GitHub product experts, speakers, and GitHub Stars to launch curated agendas to help you navigate all of the Universe sessions. These agendas compile sessions for specific products, topics, and careers, like engineering leaders, security professionals, software developers, and more.

As a Senior Director of Developer Advocacy at GitHub, I am deeply committed to fostering collaboration and supporting the developer community’s growth and success. There’s no wrong way to attend Universe and the curated agendas prove that. My own set of curated sessions below focus on the intersection of AI and human skills in the development landscape. Each session addresses pressing questions about everything from ethical considerations and accessibility to skill relevance.

Whether you’re grappling with your evolving role as a developer in an AI-driven world, want to stay focused and productive while you code, or are curious about using GitHub Copilot, this curated agenda aims to keep you ahead of the curve.

And if you haven’t yet registered to attend GitHub Universe, what are you waiting for? Virtual registration is free!

Here are my picks:

The 10 sessions I’ll be attending at GitHub Universe

I hope my curated agenda is beneficial in helping you plan your very own Universe journey! Curious about other learning paths? We have agendas for all kinds of GitHub products and careers, including security professionals, engineering leaders, the GitHub platform, and more.

Take a look at our complete guide and make sure to register virtually (for free!) or IRL in San Francisco.