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Skilling African developers through All In Africa

All In Africa is a gateway to growth, learning, and meaningful connections within the African open source ecosystem and beyond.

Skilling African developers through All In Africa
Header image credit: Kingsley Mkpandiok

Empowering African developers

Africa is home to diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives. According to Business Insider, it is projected to become the world’s fastest-growing region, with six out of the ten fastest-growing economies in 2023 being African countries. Experts have also indicated that the continent is set to become the next global tech hub. Developer communities across the continent are growing rapidly, with some of the most significant population increases taking place in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Kenya—sub-Saharan and West African countries. With the continent being one of the fastest growing regions for open source contributions, we can empower the future generation of developers by equipping Africans interested in technology with the experience, tools, and community network of open source.

All In is thrilled to announce our commitment to expanding Access to underrepresented and under-resourced groups in tech by launching an initiative to skill African developers: All in Africa.This initiative is dedicated to making open source education accessible to everyone across the continent. It also supports a future where open source projects and global tech companies can tap into an expanding skilled workforce that can drive innovation and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving tech landscape while furthering the prosperity of African economies. Our vision is to bridge the diversity gap and empower Africans to not only consume but also create open source solutions globally.

Introducing All In Africa

All In Africa is designed to empower Africans and bridge the diversity gap of developers through free open source education, comprehensive training, mentorship, vibrant community engagement, and career-focused experiential opportunities. Participants will enhance their technical skills with access to open source courses, practical training, and hackathons.

The program offers a unique chance to connect with tech professionals and fellow students across Africa, fostering networking and collaboration. By joining this community, individuals can collaborate on impactful open source projects that address real-world challenges.

Skilling the next generation of open source leaders in Africa

All In Africa’s program provides an exciting opportunity for participants to learn open source education and carry out hands-on training through structured three-month cohorts held twice annually. Participants will enjoy a carefully curated course curriculum, have access to a vibrant community, guidance from experienced mentors, and receive a certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the program. All these offerings empower the participants to excel in the open-source ecosystem. The program will give a head start to the next generation of African technologists, positioning them at the forefront of open source innovation.

Open source community leaders

Headshot photograph of Ruth Ikegah. Joining the All In team is Ruth Ikegah, an Open Source Program Manager, Community Manager and Technical Writer. She will serve as the All In Africa program lead and is the driving force behind this new initiative.

All In Africa is also supported by a network of Regional Ambassadors who contribute to its mission by representing diverse regions across Africa, bringing a unique perspective and commitment to open source education.

Regional ambassadors

Headshot photograph of Peculiar Umeh

Peculiar Umeh (@peculiaruc), West Africa

Headshot photograph of Catherine Kiiru

Catherine Kiiru (@CatherineKiiru), East Africa

Headshot photograph of Kudzayi Bamhare

Kudzayi Bamhare (@Kudzmat), Southern Africa

Ronald Lamoro (@romeoplat), Northern Africa

Antonio Pedro (@antonio-pedro99), Central Africa

These community leaders will drive tailored networking opportunities such as mini meetups, virtual touchpoints, and will be contact persons for their respective areas.

Join Us!

All In Africa is a gateway to growth, learning, and meaningful connections within the African open source ecosystem and beyond. We’re excited to launch this new opportunity and can’t wait to expand programming internationally for the first time. Sign up today, or email to learn more.

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