At GitHub Education, we work to provide a community that welcomes student developers, while also supporting them with the skills and leading industry tools that meet them at every stage of their academic journey. We’ve helped more than 4 million students build their skills through GitHub Education and as we look to embrace an even larger set of global learners, we want to make it easier for anyone to excel as a developer.

Introducing Learning Paths on Global Campus, providing any learner with the first steps needed to build the skills that they can take with them on their journey throughout Global Campus and To ensure that learners can find a clear path towards their academic goals no matter what learning journey they’re on, we developed a pair of tracks meeting the needs of both a beginner and someone with more experience.

Verified students now see one of two Learning Paths at the top of their Global Campus dashboard when when they login:

1. If this is a learner’s first time using GitHub, they will see Get Started With GitHub Learning Path.

Screenshot of the "Get Started with GitHub" learning path

Get Started with GitHub includes three modules that guide new learners through setting up a compelling GitHub Profile README, exploring their new community by creating and adding to a repository watchlist, and a guided tutorial on the basics of communicating using Markdown.

In each module, learners will complete a series of tasks while learning a key skill that will not only connect them to the larger community of student developers, but allow them to express themselves and their interests on GitHub.

2. If a learner has used GitHub previously, they will see the GitHub Deep Dive Learning Path.

Screenshot of the "GitHub Deep Dive" learning path

GitHub Deep Dive includes two modules that build on the foundational knowledge of Get Started with GitHub. In this Learning Path, learners will be led through a step-by-step tutorial on the basic GitHub Flow. By the end, they will know how to create a branch, commit a file, and how to open and merge pull requests. Next, they will get a primer on how to use GitHub Codespaces, our development environment that’s hosted in the cloud.

We hope these new Learning Paths are just the beginning of a learner’s journey on Global Campus, giving them the skills and confidence to dive even deeper, explore more tools, and begin to shape the future of software development.

How do you get started with Learning Paths?

Learning Paths are available today on your Global Campus dashboard. If you’re a student and you haven’t joined Global Campus yet, apply for GitHub Global Campus benefits. Want to connect more with the Education community? Join the GitHub Education Discussions!