Millions of developers around the world use GitHub every day. The GitHub platform has grown into a multifaceted, comprehensive tool that developers and businesses use to tinker, build, and research the next great innovation. GitHub brings people together—from students to CEOs—and makes them feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

And what has helped foster this sense of community for so many years?

Stickers. Hoodies. Mugs. A plethora of GitHub merchandise. To that end, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest collection of GitHub merchandise in the GitHub Shop. Featuring a mix of recently dropped items along with beloved oldies but goodies, the GitHub Shop has many apparel, drinkware, and collectible products to make you feel like you belong.

New items for a new connection

Here at GitHub, we believe that clothes should be as comfortable as pajamas and that dogs are people, too. Which is why our latest drop includes the new super soft Invertocat Joggers colors and the nifty Invertocat Dog Bowl Bottle.

A smiling woman wearing a grey sweatsuit and a brightly colored GitHub bag across her chest crouches down to give a curly haired dog some water out of a GitHub dog bowl.

The stuff you know and love

But fear not, your favorite GitHub classics are still here. For over a decade, developers have adorned their laptops with Mona stickers, their desks with Octocat mugs, and their bodies with GitHub hoodies. These items are still available and will help you share your GitHub love with the world.

An array of GitHub stickers

15 years of Octocats

Did you know that GitHub recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary? It’s a testament to you, your communities, your startups, and your global development teams that we’ve gotten to this point. To help us celebrate this milestone, we’re highlighting our book, Art of the Octocat. This coffee table book takes you through a complete history of Mona, our fun-loving and adventurous Octocat mascot, with the sketches, storyboards, concepts, and photos that made Mona who she is today.

Glamor shot of The Art of the Octocat book

Git shopping

We want you to feel a part of GitHub—a part of something bigger. Our products are designed to help you harness the community’s collective energy and powerfully build, well, anything. Explore the GitHub Shop today.