At GitHub, we strive to be “the home for all developers.” Hundreds of millions of developers work throughout the stack, ranging from those who create embedded software that runs on a small CPU to cloud developers who have no real limitations. Building products and solutions for such a vast population is a humbling and ambitious mission. This has been a core mission throughout my career, and I’m thrilled to be joining GitHub in this journey as Chief Product Officer.

I’m a builder at heart. I’ve been fortunate to work across the stack—leading the development of products that touch everything from autonomous vehicles and robots, geospatial services, natural language processing to cloud compute and cloud networking products, and more. Having started my career in aerospace developing navigation and localization systems mainly for airplanes and space technology, we now live in a world where we see the same technology used in our everyday cars and phones. I see this same trajectory occurring today with AI. The rise of AI and AI-powered software development—with tools like GitHub Copilot and “Hey, GitHub!”—is still in its infancy and will greatly transform how we build software over the next decade. We’re already seeing this with large language models like OpenAI Codex and Copilot.

I had the chance to attend GitHub Universe last month, and was incredibly energized by talking to the vibrant community and customers that rely on and enjoy our platform. Not only is GitHub home to a thriving open source community that powers the world’s digital infrastructure, but we’re also home to both startups and large enterprises that are delivering innovative products, transforming industries, and driving the future.

GitHub is in an exciting phase of our journey as the developer community grows significantly every day, and the needs of the community grow and change with it. Whether it’s big product ships like GitHub Actions and GitHub Codespaces, or the smaller “papercuts” that make the developer experience more seamless and delightful, I couldn’t be more excited to help enable the platform to become even smarter, more efficient, more secure, and most importantly, widely accessible.