Ever since we launched GitHub Copilot, it’s helped redefine productivity for more than a million developers. We’ve seen incredible reports where GitHub Copilot synthesizes up to 40% of code—and, in research, we’ve found that GitHub Copilot helps people code 55% faster.

But beyond this excitement, we also heard that companies want an easy way to purchase GitHub Copilot for their teams. That’s why we’re excited to bring GitHub Copilot to organizations with simple and flexible license management, organization-wide policy controls, and industry-leading privacy—all for $19 USD/month per user.

Building a better developer experience

We know developers do their best work when they actually enjoy the work they’re doing—and magic happens when they can fall into the flow state. To paraphrase an oft-recited quote, the last few years have proven that software has eaten the world. Software punctuates every part of our days, and developers are being asked to build, secure, and maintain more code than ever before.

At GitHub, we believe that just like the rise of compilers and open source, AI-assisted coding will revolutionize how we build software. And by bringing GitHub Copilot to organizations of all sizes with improved admin controls, we’re confident in the power of AI to improve the developer experience, increase productivity and satisfaction, and accelerate innovation.

Start using Copilot for Business today

Millions of engineers, including our own, use GitHub Copilot every day. And starting today, GitHub Copilot is available to all businesses for $19 USD per month per user. You can learn how to enable it for your organization today in the link below—and if you have any questions, contact your local sales representative.