A key part of doing work for development teams is being able to see where you’re at, knowing where you’re going, and marking and clearing things in your way. We’ve been making a lot of progress to bring you some of the most requested features that will let you do just that. In July, we launched the general availability of GitHub Projects, and now we are excited to bring you even more features designed to make it easier to plan and track in the same place you build!

✅ Tasklists to keep your work in check

By far one of THE most requested features, tasklists helps you set up all the work you need and easily check those boxes as things move along. Tasklists will automatically set up parent-child link types between items to power experiences like completion progress and expand / group-by tasks from our table views. You’ll also have the added convenience of being able to make all your tasklists with Markdown so you can quickly map out the tasks needed. Spend less time looking at the details to make sure they’re right and instead focus on the things that matter most.

🛣 Roadmaps to easily see where you’re going

Quickly build a roadmap view alongside the same table and board layouts you’ve been setting up your projects with. Now, you can keep your team and stakeholders aligned with a strategic view that lays out your future plans through time.

📦 Auto-archive to put away the extra bits

Keep your projects tidy and focused on what matters most by automatically archiving stale, completed items. No more manually selecting a set of items to clean up on a weekly basis—simply configure the Auto-archive workflow to clean up items you don’t need cluttering up your project views and we’ll take care of the rest. Thanks again. robots. 🤖

Head over to the Auto-archive items template under the Workflows tab to try it out today!

💥 What you’re doing, where you’re going, where to focus

You no longer have to build out special reports or run multiple check-ins to keep work in sync. Build the views for the audiences and what they need and link your work to stay up to date on related issues. GitHub Projects’ capabilities will continue to evolve to make your developer velocity expand to new heights. 📈 Soon, you’ll have everything you need to bring all your work together in one fully integrated view.

Get your organization on the waitlist for tasklists and roadmap now for both private betas.

Visit github.com/features/issues to find out more.