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Choose your own GitHub Universe 2022 adventure

You can now build your agenda on! Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned industry professional, there’s a session for you.

Choose your own GitHub Universe 2022 adventure

The schedule builder is live on

Starting today, you can save your favorite GitHub Universe sessions to your calendar and build your own schedule to get the most out of your conference experience. A few things to keep in mind before we dive in:

  • Most of the sessions are being presented live in-person AND streamed to a computer near you. Exceptions are noted below.
  • If you’re joining us in-person at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, your ticket includes one hands-on workshop! Make sure to take a look at the workshop schedule and register as soon as you can, since spots for each are limited.
  • If you can’t fit everything you want to learn into the two days, most sessions will be available for you on-demand later on (popcorn not included).

Not sure where to start? We have some suggestions for developers, security professionals, enterprise users, open source enthusiasts, and students below. Check them out and start building your agenda now!

Writing and deploying code every day? Don’t miss these developer-centered sessions

  • Managing GitHub Actions across all your repositories
    • In this session, Joe Duffy, Founder and CEO of Pulumi, will show you how to standardize the process for deploying GitHub Actions across hundreds or even thousands of repositories, with built-in security, automation, and consistency, thanks to infrastructure-as-code. You’ll learn simple techniques for managing everything from teams, projects, and users, to leveraging concrete policies that can prevent automation mistakes from impacting production.
  • Scaling an engineering team with Codespaces
    • Vanta’s engineering team grew from five to 55 in the last two years, but the team’s ad-hoc development environment scripts weren’t keeping up. Learn how Vanta adopted Codespaces organization-wide to maintain robust, speedy development environments for everyone.
  • Dev story: how GitHub Copilot is helping HubSpot’s developers
    • Find out how GitHub Copilot empowers developers at HubSpot, and helps them identify a critical bug in their codebase.
  • Building with
    • Over 3,000 people at GitHub spend their days obsessing over details so our customers can build what they, and the world, need. In this session, Kyle Daigle, VP of Strategy and Chief of Staff to the CEO at GitHub, will pull back the curtain and share some of the small, delightful, and potentially game-changing innovations that have kept GitHub, well, GitHub for the past 15 years.

Securing apps and hunting down bugs? Check out these security sessions and workshops

  • The state of software supply chain security in 2022 *
    • Open source code now makes up 90% of most codebases. But how do you know if you can trust your open source dependencies? Software supply chain attacks have exploded over the past 12 months. Feross Aboukhadijeh, founder and CEO of Socket, will dive into how supply chain attacks work and share concrete steps you can take to protect your code from this emerging threat.
  • Shifting left VS developer-first security
    • Let’s discuss why modern software needs processes and tooling to be developers-first. Nick Liffen, Director of GitHub Advanced Security at GitHub, will explain why security is becoming essential and why just shifting your security tooling left won’t cut it for your developers. Nick will dive into some of the data and tools at hand, which can help push your developers to be more aware of security, and truly treat it as a first-class citizen of the software development lifecycle.
  • What’s next for GitHub’s security products
    • Find out what’s new in GitHub’s security products as we continue to build security into the developer workflow. We’ll make a major announcement in our supply chain security area, demonstrate the power of CodeQL for finding new vulnerabilities, and show how GitHub is helping security teams work with developers.
  • Workshop: Finding security vulnerabilities with CodeQL *
    • During this beginner-friendly workshop, you will learn to write your own queries in CodeQL, GitHub’s expressive language and engine for code analysis, to find specific security vulnerabilities in open-source code. Log in to register here.

Building in the open? Tune in to these open source community sessions

  • How to open source as a startup
    • Anand Chowdhary, co-founder and CTO of Pabio, reflects on his journey building an accessibility technology company that started as an open source browser extension, and building and launching an open source project with 10k+ stars as a side project at his new startup. In this session, open source maintainers will learn about open source monetization options like dual licensing and how to fundraise and build a business around open source projects, and founders will learn about the benefits of investing in open source as a startup.
  • The next era of open source: the rise of the open source economy and the career developer
    • To keep the impact of open source scalable and sustainable, we need an ecosystem that supports the millions of developers we rely on. In the case of open source, to empower one, means powering many. Diversifying who gets to be a developer has its natural benefits, but GitHub is interested in taking this one step further to define who gets to be a career developer.
  • Publishing your work increases your luck *
    • In this session, Aaron Francis, a developer educator at PlanetScale, will talk about how the act of pressing “publish” can increase the odds of luck in finding you online. Publishing your work can take various forms—whether that’s releasing open source code, creating a podcast, starting a newsletter, or something else altogether! By doing work and being public about it, you build a reputation for yourself. You build a public body of work that speaks on your behalf better than any resume ever could. Aaron will discuss strategies, tactics, and how to address fears.
  • 10 years of the Octoverse
    • What’s the state of open source software and how has it changed in the last 10 years? Join Martin Woodward, VP of Developer Relations at GitHub, as he digs into this year’s Octoverse report to answer that question and uncover three big trends to watch. Martin will also explore the scale and growth of software development across GitHub, and how people, communities, organizations, and companies collaborate and invest in open source software.

Using GitHub at scale? Join these enterprise-focused sessions and workshops

  • Workshop: Ship securely without compromising on velocity using GitHub Advanced Security *
    • Is application security slowing down your development process? In this workshop, we will teach you how to set up and hit the ground running with GitHub Advanced Security! We will cover SCA, SAST, secret scanning, and how to integrate third-party tools for IaC and container scanning through the marketplace. Log in to register here.
  • From disarray to delight: planning with GitHub Projects
    • Planning and tracking work for your teams can easily get out of hand, but in this talk, Allison Weins, Senior Product Manager at GitHub, will show you how the GitHub Projects team leverages Projects to build out plans, cut through the update noise, and ship new delightful experiences. Allison will dive deep into GitHub’s project configuration choices and the company’s process from ideation to release to help you explore how you might adapt Projects to your needs. Don’t worry—Allison will also highlight new features along the way!
  • Workshop: Supercharge your onboarding and developer training with Codespaces *
    • The LinkedIn Learning team devoted the last year to exploring Codespaces. We’ve learned a lot and want to share our discoveries with you. In this hands-on lab, you will learn how to create example codespaces and learn how to customize your codespace to fit your exact project requirements. Log in to register here.
  • Secure cloud development and delivery
    • Chris Johnson, Tech Lead at Eli Lilly and Company, will talk about how they adopted GitHub’s services, including custom development environments with Codespaces, security with Dependabot and GitHub Advanced Security, and GitHub Actions for building and deploying to cloud environments, to create a better development environment for the company’s engineers and increase speed of delivery to Eli Lilly’s cloud pipelines across the enterprise.

Getting your learn on? Build your skills in these student-focused sessions

  • AI in education: how GitHub Copilot is being used in classrooms
    • Join CS50’s Professor, David J. Malan of Harvard University, and GitHub Copilot Product Leader, Shuyin Zhao, for a fun chat about GitHub Copilot, including how it works, how it can be used in today’s classrooms, and how it might shape tomorrow’s classrooms as well.
  • Codespaces in education
    • More from David J. Malan–Codespaces enables users to experiment with complex software development stacks right from the web browser, with no software to install or configure. It’s a seismic shift for computer science education, reducing complexities and cost barriers for the CS classroom. Join CS50’s David J. Malan, MongoDB for Academia, and student leaders to hear different perspectives on the usage of Codespaces and GitHub Classroom in both higher education and industry.
  • Level up with GitHub Copilot
    • If you’ve tried GitHub Copilot, you know that it can feel like magic. The tool fills out entire blocks of code with shocking accuracy—though knowing exactly where to correct it requires skill. In this session, Rizèl Scarlett shares how GitHub Copilot can help you level up your software engineering career.
  • Twitch—a game changer for developers and educators
    • We know Twitch mainly from watching others play video games. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how versatile Twitch content can be and in many different areas, this platform can be a game changer. Dr. Johanna Pirker, for example, started streaming her university courses on Twitch and instead of 140 students she had 400 students watching and discussing from all over the world! In this session, Dr. Pirker will discuss the platform’s potential for different areas and applications, and will share Do’s and Don’ts.

Register now

Like what you see? You can still register for an in-person ticket to experience the magic happening live in San Francisco, or for a free virtual ticket to stream in the comfort of your favorite Octocat hoodie.

This is just a tiny taste of the 80+ content sessions being delivered by over 120 different speakers, across two days and four content tracks. We’ve done the math, and you could attend a whopping 28 sessions total if you pick a talk in every time slot and never stop to eat, drink, or take a bio break (we don’t actually recommend this). Instead, build out a schedule that works for you (we recommend leaving plenty of time for meals and networking) and then catch up on everything else on-demand later.

Either way, we’re looking forward to learning with you on November 9, 10, and beyond!

* only available to in-person attendees

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