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The GitHub Universe 2022 agenda is live

Explore 80+ content sessions delivered by over 120 different speakers, across two days and four content tracks, all designed to level up your skills.

The GitHub Universe 2022 agenda is live

The full agenda for GitHub Universe 2022 is live today! With less than 30 days to go until the event, it’s time to explore the more than 80 sessions happening November 9 and 10 across multiple content tracks: cloud, security, community, and AI. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned industry professional, there’s a session for you. Where else can you learn from GitHub experts, members of the open source community, and other industry leaders, all in one place? You can join us in-person or live online, and tune in to videos on-demand afterwards to catch up on anything you might have missed.


If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry! Ticket prices increase after October 15, so check out a few sessions below that we think you’ll love, and reserve your spot today.

Day 1

GitHub Universe Keynote

Join GitHub CEO, Thomas Dohmke, for the 2022 opening keynote live from the Yerba Buena Stage. He and other GitHub leaders will discuss the transforming nature of software development and how GitHub’s complete platform can be harnessed to empower all developers and enterprises. We’ve got some exciting announcements planned—you won’t want to miss it.

How GitHub uses GitHub to secure GitHub

One of the best parts about working at GitHub is using GitHub to build GitHub—and not only for software development. GitHub is central to how the GitHub Security team drives and delivers secure operations, infrastructure, and products. In this session, Greg Ose, Senior Director of Product Security Engineering at GitHub, will walk through how GitHub uses the platform to enable security workflows—ones that bring the expertise and processes GitHub needs to manage security risk—right to where the company’s engineers and partners across the business already work.

Codespaces—Git coding fast

Codespaces helps you get coding faster and focus on building what matters together. In a single click, launch any GitHub repository with your favorite editor—backed with compute and terminal access—customized with your themes, preferences, and dotfiles. Learn, explore, contribute, and enjoy the ease of works in conjunction with April Leonard, Staff Software Engineering Manager at GitHub, with infinite, isolated, secure, and fast developer environments.

How Copilot can impact developer happiness (virtual)

GitHub Copilot represents a huge leap forward in developer productivity, but did you know it also contributes to developer happiness? Join Seth Juarez and some special guests to learn what Copilot is, how it works, how it makes developers’ lives easier, happier, and more productive.

Day 2

From right here, right now, to galaxies far away

Software has been a core driver in human progress over the past century—and that isn’t changing any time soon. At this very moment, software is powering the people and infrastructure behind all the societal, environmental, scientific, political, and cultural movements each and every one of us interact with on any given day. Stormy Peters, VP Communities at GitHub, will look at some of the people and projects that enable progress for today’s biggest humanitarian efforts—that dream up worlds our most beloved superheroes exist in, and that are looking at universes beyond our own.

Find vulnerable Kotlin apps while testing CodeQL (virtual)

When adding analysis support for a new language in a SAST tool, the best way to verify that it works properly is by using it on real projects and finding real vulnerabilities. This talk will cover how Tony Torralba, Software Engineer at GitHub, and team did just that for the Kotlin language in GitHub code scanning and how the team uncovered vulnerabilities in five popular open source Android projects. Tony will explain the details of each vulnerability, how the team modeled them as CodeQL queries, and how the team helped the maintainers to fix the issues.

Open Source Program Office (OSPO) panel discussion

In this panel session, OSPO experts working at F5, Google, Spotify, Fannie Mae, and the CHAOSS project will share insights about the value that data brings to the success of OSPOs. The OSPO experts will also discuss the role data plays in their decision making today, and how data could be used to better inform their thinking in the future.

How GitHub Enterprise Cloud helps diverse enterprises enable “the Art of the Possible”

GitHub built its reputation on being fast and easy to use. As the home for open-source software, it’s sometimes viewed only for startups and small teams. But did you know that GitHub provides a great platform for enterprises of all types, in all industries, to build their best solutions, deliver value to their users, and enable the art of the possible through software innovation? Come watch this lively panel discussion led by GitHub’s own Virginia Bryant as she talks to leaders from Fidelity, Itau, and Vodafone.

Register now

Now that you’ve seen the lineup, take advantage of early bird pricing to receive 20% off your in-person ticket now extended until October 15! In-person attendees will get first dibs on limited edition gear at the GitHub swag shop, have a chance to stump the experts with your toughest technical questions at the “#AskGitHub” booth, and participate in hands-on workshops (full details coming soon). Oh, and you’ll be able to network with over a thousand of your closest GitHub friends (see if you can match their handle to their name tag!). We hope to see you there!

Can’t make it to San Francisco? We’ll catch you online in a GitHub Discussion near you.

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