Developing your design and collaboration skills to get your clever intentions off the ground has never been easier! Check out the newest experience addition to the GitHub Global Campus and the Student Developer Pack—Aspiring Creatives! Sign into your verified student GitHub account and redeem through the GitHub Global Campus Student Developer Pack.

How can you make the best use of the tools included in the Aspiring Creatives Experience?


The design of a project is the backbone to which all other pieces are dependent. Become inspired by tapping into your creativity, from sets by thousands of artists around the world to snappy interface tools, such as Iconscout, Icons8, Octicons, and Figma.

Brainstorm & Organize

Sometimes, getting another pair of eyes on a project can spark creativity. Ideate with others by bringing projects together while synchronizing collaboration efforts through shared tasks and checklists in FigJam.


Get exposure for your project and discover other student repositories in need of collaborators and maintainers through GitHub Global Campus by visiting the GitHub Community Exchange.

Three women, Vaishnavi Dwivedi, Lauren McCann, and Ashley Bass, smiling and waving to each other in a still shot from a virtual webinar.

GitHub Education welcomed Figma Education’s, Lauren McCann, to CampusTV to discuss all things Figma and Aspiring Creatives, including the brand new GitHub Education‐designed hackathon templates created by Campus Expert, Vaishnavi Dwivedi .

The mini designs systems for hackathons template was developed to inspire student developers who struggle while designing hackathon projects. Be it colors, typefaces, or simple wireframes to decide their project flow, this template can help them save time while building their hack. Aspiring Creatives can use the template for storyboarding, prototyping, and presenting their work and designer-dev handoffs.

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Redeeming the Aspiring Creatives Experience!

The Aspiring Creatives Experience is part of the Student Developer Pack. Not a member yet? It’s available for all verified students ages 13+ and anywhere in the world where GitHub is available. Join today using your school-issued email, student ID, or other proof of academic enrollment. Becoming a member grants access to Global Campus and allows you to learn how to use real-world development tools. Visit the GitHub Education Figma page to like, share, and comment on the mini design systems for hackathons template.