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GitHub for Startups is generally available

We’re launching GitHub for Startups to give your startup the tools needed to go from idea to unicorn status on the world's largest developer platform.

GitHub for Startups is generally available

Startups are building the future, and we know they require a unique set of resources and support to grow. As of today, GitHub for Startups is available to startups globally, and you can apply now.

The world’s most innovative companies are built on GitHub

We launched GitHub for Startups earlier this year, and after working with partners around the world and hundreds of startups in the pilot group, we’ve seen that developer collaboration and productivity, security, and speed of innovation are more important than ever. To date, we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading venture capital, accelerator, and startup support organizations to provide GitHub’s developer platform to startups in their ecosystems. Now, you can apply for GitHub for Startups yourself as a partner, founder, or early employee.

No longer can any organization enter, compete, and grow in the modern, digitized economy without software, the power of developers, and the open source community. As the home for the world’s developers, it is our responsibility to provide entrepreneurs access to our complete developer platform, so anyone can rapidly and securely turn their aspirations into the next great startup of tomorrow.

- Thomas Dohmke, GitHub CEO

What is GitHub for Startups?

GitHub for Startups welcomes companies like yours onto the world’s most powerful developer platform, to grow from idea to unicorn with GitHub.

Eligible startups will receive up to 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise free for one year, plus the support and guidance they need to build like the best. This includes a startup-friendly onboarding experience, regular office hours, and best practice sharing from GitHub technical experts.

Scale your business with GitHub for Startups

Build like the best with GitHub for Startups. Through our program, you can now get access to the enterprise-ready developer platform trusted by 90% of Fortune 100 companies, so you can go from idea to IPO on a platform that’s ready to scale with you.

Developer collaboration and productivity

Project boards that integrate directly into your workflow will help you plan your sprints, break out individual tasks, and track progress as you get your company off the ground.


Fortune 100 companies trust GitHub with their source code, and now you can too. Our platform helps you meet compliance benchmarks and keeps your code secure so you can build your business with confidence.

Speed of innovation

GitHub’s complete DevOps toolkit provides extensive automation and CI/CD that live right next to your code, letting your lean development team focus on building the product rather than keeping the lights on.

The power of community

We know that community matters when you’re just starting out. That’s why we partner with leading investors, accelerators, and startup support organizations to help small companies grow. Apply now to come alongside as a partner. Additionally, startups associated with a GitHub for Startups partner gain access to even more discounts and benefits.

Hear what some of our members have to say

It’s hard to imagine a productive, secure, and quality-focused organization without the many conveniences that GitHub offers, all with seamless integration. Founder, Causal (USA)

GitHub for Startups is the best wingman an engineering manager could ask for. Its powerful CI/CD tools helped us automate tasks like linting, testing, and publishing, saving countless engineering hours. Founder, Vahan (India)

GitHub for Startups finally made it possible for our team to switch to GitHub Enterprise, which would not have been possible at this stage of our company without the attractive pricing that this program offers. Founder, Plumerai (UK)

Learn more about GitHub for Startups, then take the next step toward joining the world’s fastest growing businesses on GitHub.

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