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GitHub Actions: introducing the new, larger GitHub-hosted runners beta

Now your team can spend less time managing infrastructure and more time writing code.

GitHub Actions: introducing the new, larger GitHub-hosted runners beta

June 21, 2023 update: Larger hosted runners for GitHub Actions are now generally available for paid Team and Enterprise Cloud plans. Learn more.

Today, we’re excited to announce the public beta of our larger GitHub-hosted runners for Linux and Windows. With our new, enhanced GitHub-hosted runners, you’ll get access to bigger runner sizes, fixed IP ranges, increased concurrency for your workflows, and more, so you build, test, and ship code fast.

Introducing new and improved GitHub-hosted runners

The new, larger GitHub-hosted runners make scaling simple and secure with multi-platform, fully managed, and auto-scaled runners by GitHub. These enhancements make infrastructure management simple, so you can spend more time building and releasing new features.

Screenshot of the runners list page, showing "GitHub Hosted Runner" as an option for creating a new runner.

We now offer Linux and Windows machines from 2 to 64-cores to give you the performance you need when you need it. Increasing your runner size is as simple as changing a single line in your workflow file making it super easy to speed up lagging builds. Our new, larger machines also offer concurrencies of up to 500 parallel machines. And with on-demand availability, you only pay for what you use.

Screenshot of the webpage Runners/Create a GitHub Hosted Runner

GitHub-hosted runners make it easy for GitHub Enterprise plan customers to securely connect your CI/CD machines to other DevOps services in cloud or on-prem, like Artifactory, Nexus, or any other service with reserved static IP ranges. Static IP ranges also means you can now use GitHub Actions at the same time as enabling Github IP allow lists. Fully maintained and supported by GitHub, these machines are kept up to date with the most recent security patches and Linux, and Windows and give you always-on access to fresh machines when your workflow starts to keep your organization secure.

Learn more and join the beta

Ready to take action with our new, high-performance GitHub-hosted runners?

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