Today, we’re launching GitHub Community, which brings together GitHub Community Forum, GitHub Education Forum, and product feedback into a free, in-product, single space for all user-to-user and Hubber interactions related to GitHub using org-level GitHub Discussions.

Previously, if you had a question or a problem about a GitHub feature or new release, there were a number of places you could go to ask for help or try and find a how-to guide. Many of these forums are run on non-GitHub sites and may include out-of-date or unsupported information. Starting today, you’ll be able to find all of these resources on a single platform—within GitHub. Kiss multiple logins goodbye!

GitHub Community is built to support all users. It is a resource hub, learning portal, and inspiration station, all in one. Relevant content that once lived on various platforms has been migrated over, ensuring conversation continuity. Regardless of how big or small your GitHub challenge is, from large enterprises to single users, all resources and information will be accessible in a true open-source fashion.

There is no requirement to sign in to GitHub to browse the content. However, by signing in, there is the opportunity to post questions, answers, and feature requests, and to interact with the community.

Join the conversation today! We can’t wait to meet you. 🚀