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Announcing the summer 2022 MLH Fellowship GitHub Contributors

Meet the 2022 MLH Fellowship cohort! This 12-week internship alternative is for aspiring software engineers, and powered by GitHub.

Announcing the summer 2022 MLH Fellowship GitHub Contributors

“Learn by doing, not by watching,” a mantra that Major League Hacking promotes to evangelize the MLH Fellowship. We at GitHub couldn’t agree more. The MLH Fellowship, powered by GitHub, is a 12-week internship alternative for aspiring software engineers. MLH Fellows on the open source track contribute to the type of open source projects that every company and community depends on.

Spring 2022 Fellowship recap

As we begin our next Fellowship cohort, here’s a recap of what our spring 2022 fellows and maintainers said about their experience.

GitHub Docs

Maintainer quote: “The GitHub Docs team loved working with the MLH Fellowship program, especially our fellows, Courtney and Ritesh! They made awesome contributions to the docs, and we’re excited to participate again in the future.”

Courtney Wilson “I recently completed the MLH Fellowship, and it was life changing. What an amazing opportunity to get real, hands-on experience with awesome companies. I’ve written an overview of my full experience. I wanted to share this in case anyone was interested in applying, or is in the process of it and wants to know what to expect. You won’t regret it! Working with the GitHub Docs team has been an amazing experience. Collaborating with a wonderful team, I worked daily to help maintain and improve the GitHub Docs site and learned how open source projects work. I was able to get real-life experience and learned so much in only 12-weeks. My skill set grew, and so did my confidence.”

Check out what Courtney has to say about her experience in the MLH Fellowship in her recent Medium post.


Maintainer quote: “It was an honor for StandUpMan to offer a mentoring umbrella in the MLH summer cohort of 2022. My two candidates, Huilun and Alesana, advanced the project greatly. I look forward to future cohorts!”

As the spring MLH Fellowship cohort has now come to an end, we’re super excited to now announce the summer 2022 Fellowship cohort!

Meet the next class of Fellows 🎉

MLH fellows bring a diverse set of personal experiences and cognitive abilities to their work, as well as to their colleagues and communities. They are passionate about their projects, have a strong interest in continuing to independently learn and grow, and are willing to put in the time to achieve their goals and better their community. The fellows play a vital role in advancing the open source projects they’ve been matched to.

Open source projects ❤

This GitHub Fellowship cohort will be working with two open source projects.

Program Equity

The Program Equity project is based on Vue.js, which is a comprehensive stack celebrated for the ease of creating single-page apps. The approach is community based, so Fellows will work with Tech for Social Good MERL research groups and the internal team. From a technical standpoint, they follow the DevSecOps framework, which will allow Fellows to learn code similar to that used in the enterprise architecture of tech companies. Along with traditional roles, such as full stack and UX/UI, there’s the opportunity to access the latest GitHub features in areas such as automation, containerization, and database abstraction.

M&E Insight

M&E Insight is an open-source monitoring and evaluation data management system for international development projects. Created by Education Development Center (EDC), it can be easily and quickly scaled and customized to any project.

M&E Insight has been successfully implemented on 13 large-scale USAID-funded projects implemented by Education Development Centers in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. These international development projects share common elements and challenges regarding data management. M&E Insight was based on the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS), providing a common data vocabulary for every project, including a common set of data elements that can be improved, reused, and replicated for any project type.

The Fellows

Param Siddharth “I’ve always sought developing software to support the common beings and fight social issues affecting communities, and working on Program Equity feels like just the right opportunity. I’m super excited to be a part of the development team of the project and help take a step forward in the mission to support marginalized communities.”

Mariah Morales “I’m excited to be able to have this opportunity to be working on this project. I have not gone the traditional route of things. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and decided to switch careers at the last minute. I am so grateful for how far I have gotten on this journey, and this project will only aid in really getting me where I want to go. I am excited to be working on a team and collaborating with people from all over the world for the first time.”

Ishika Kesarwani “I have always found learning new things exciting and rewarding. I will be working on the Education Development Center’s amazing open source project, and I’m looking forward to learning a lot!”

What’s next? 💥

The MLH Fellowship runs year-round with batches starting every few months. Are you interested in learning more about the MLH Fellowship and working on incredible open source projects? Check out more details here.

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