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Welcome to Maintainer Month 2022! 🎉

During the month of June, we’re holding space for open source maintainers to gather, share, and be celebrated.

Welcome to Maintainer Month 2022! 🎉

Open source runs the world. But who runs open source? Open source project maintainers are behind the software we use everyday. Yet project maintenance is intense work, and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Welcome to Maintainer Month. 🎉 During the month of June, we’re holding space for open source maintainers to gather, share, and be celebrated.

Maintainer Month is an open source project bookmarking a month to collectively contemplate open source maintainership, whatever form that takes. Various organizations, projects, and companies are running activities, events, and distributing resources. Do you have an open source activity or resource for open source maintainers? Submit a pull request to join in on Maintainer Month, and invite the community to participate.


Here’s a sneak peak at some of the virtual Maintainer Month events 👀

  • [June 2] Meetup: GitHub Presente! : Em Português
    • Um evento para mantenedores de código aberto se reunirem, compartilharem e serem celebrados.
  • [June 7] Conference: tidelift Upstream
    • This is a 100% virtual, completely free event bringing together like-minded application developers, open source project maintainers, and the extended network of people who care most about their work.
  • [June 17] Stream: Time Travel Debugger for Web Development
    • Replay is a screen recorder that enables you to identify bugs and better debug your web applications. Join us on June 17 to learn from Community Lead, Cecilia Martinez, about how to debug websites faster with Replay!
  • [June 17] Working group: Burnout and Mental Health in Open Source
    • CHAOSS is hosting an interactive working group session to understand how maintainers manage burnout and also talk about how to facilitate conversations about burnout and mental health in their open source communities.

You can see all the events on the full Maintainer Month schedule ⇒

Do you want to add an event of your own? Submit a pull request to the site repository


Are you ready to dive in? Here are a few resources for open source maintainers that are available year-round:

Do you have a resource that you want to share? Add it to the library ⇒

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