We’re super fired up for the return of .Tech Domains developer community competition: Break The Code 2! If you thought the initial Break The Code 1.0 was a one-of-a-kind experience, wait till you see what GitHub Education and .Tech Domains have in the works for this latest addition.

Raise your hand if you remember Break The Code 1.0?

Back in 2020, .Tech Domains changed the game when they brought together a community of over 100k tech lovers to take part in Break The Code 1.0. Designed to bring us together during our most separated times, Break The Code ended up providing much more than just a digital connection. Everyone walked away a winner in some form—all the way from having a ball decoding puzzles and ciphers, to vying for over $15,000 worth prizes, to earning bragging rights as challenge champions.

Why should you be even more excited about Break The Code 2?

Set in the year 1999 with a full-on Windows 98 OS user experience, Break The Code 2 is back with an all new lineup of twists and turns for players to work their way through, including a series of 11 missions across four chapters. GitHub Education has even hacked in some new enigmas, cheat codes, and easter eggs for all the digital sleuths to uncover!

Curious digital detectives will be able to dive right into the 90’s vibe as they journey through a series of 11 missions across four chapters. Each chapter comes complete with next-level ciphers to solve with an array of unique prizes. Gamers will also be able to tap into GitHub repository and Git commands to unlock exclusive bonus features like in-game wallpapers and leaderboard advantages.

What are you waiting for? Let’s play!

Break The Code 2 is live now and will run through April 15. You can join the action here. Don’t miss your chance to unleash your inner 90’s hacker persona, get in on all the action, win unique prizes, and join together with tech lovers just like you from around the world—and unlock some GitHub secrets along the way! And if you get stuck, GitHub Education will be hosting a Community Cooperative Secret Solving Livestream on April 1 to solve some ciphers together!