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Improved management for GitHub Enterprise owners

We've introduced several new features to help enterprise owners more easily manage their accounts, including two features now in public beta.

Improved management for GitHub Enterprise owners

We’ve heard from you and are excited to announce improvements for GitHub Enterprise owners that will make managing enterprise accounts easier.

To continue empowering enterprise owners to scale their businesses with GitHub, here are a handful of new features to make user and organization management more seamless.

What’s changing?

First, let’s talk about the new features that were released over the last few months, two of which are now in public beta for all enterprise owners to try out.

Let’s dive in:

Become an organization owner: this feature enables enterprise owners to assume organization ownership in order to audit, apply policies and security controls, and ensure no organization is left in an unowned state. For more, read about managing your roles in an organization your enterprise owns.

Remove members from enterprise: this feature enables enterprise owners to revoke membership from all organizations within their enterprise directly from the enterprise account settings. Enterprise owners can directly manage the membership of their enterprise account, without the need to connect an identity provider (IdP) to their enterprise. Read more on removing a member from your enterprise.

In addition to these beta features, you might have noticed some other changes:

  • Improved UI in your enterprise account’s “Organizations” page from hard-to-search tiles to searchable rows and organization-role based filters to increase usability.
  • Visibility of enterprise owners to organization members. Check it out by navigating to the “People” page within one of your enterprise’s organizations, or learn more by reading about viewing people’s roles in an organization.
  • Ability to transfer organizations in and out of an enterprise account. To learn how, read our adding organizations to join your enterprise doc.
  • Ability to upgrade an existing invoice-based enterprise organization into an enterprise account. For more, read about creating an enterprise account.

What’s next?

To continue improving user management at the enterprise level, we are refreshing the enterprise account’s “People” pages to be more user-friendly and informative. As part of this refresh, we will also add in the ability to export an enterprise user report.

With these changes, we continue to strive to bring first-class administrative experiences to our enterprise customers to help you scale and manage your business within GitHub Enterprise.

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