In February, we experienced one incident resulting in significant impact and degraded state of availability for, issues, pull requests, GitHub Actions, and GitHub Codespaces services.

February 2 19:05 UTC (lasting 13 minutes)

As mentioned in our January report, our service monitors detected a high rate of errors affecting a number of GitHub services.

Upon further investigation of this incident, we found that a routine deployment failed to generate the complete set of integrity hashes needed for Subresource Integrity. The resulting output was missing values needed to securely serve Javascript assets on

As a safety protocol, our default behavior is to error rather than rendering script tags without integrities, if a hash cannot be found in the integrities file. In this case, that means that started serving 500 error pages to all web users. As soon as the errors were detected, we rolled back to the previous deployment and resolved the incident. Throughout the incident, only browser-based access to was impacted, with API and Git access remaining healthy.

Since this incident, we have added additional checks to our build process to ensure that the integrities are accurate and complete. We’ve also added checks for our main Javascript resources to the health check for our deployment containers, and adjusted the build pipeline to ensure the integrity generation process is more robust and will not fail in a similar way in the future.

In summary

Every month, we share an update on GitHub’s availability, including a description of any incidents that may have occurred and an update on how we are evolving our engineering systems and practices in response. Whether in these reports or via our engineering blog, we look forward to keeping you updated on the progress and investments we’re making to ensure the reliability of our services.

You can also follow our status page for the latest on our availability.