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Get ready for Campus TV Season 2: 🌱 New Beginnings

Learn new skills, build projects and meet like-minded students with the latest shows from the GitHub Education Stream Team.

Get ready for Campus TV Season 2: 🌱 New Beginnings

After a well-deserved break, the GitHub Education Stream Team (GEST) is back with a whole new season—🌱New Beginnings—with shows intended to support students getting started as software developers, career changers looking for a path into tech, and anyone looking to grow new skills. The shows cover various topics from acing your next hackathon project, demystifying college admissions and blockchain technologies, to even coding your first web app.

Save the dates by adding the shows to Google Calendar, or your preferred calendar to avoid missing a show!

Upcoming shows for New Beginnings 🌱

Coffee </br> with dwvicy, hosted by Vaishnavi Dwivedi

When? Mondays 20:30 IST – 7:00 am PT

A break can be of great help to get away from the pressure of a busy day. Every once in a while we all need to take a step back from coding, finishing homework, or working on a side project to relax, stay motivated, and focused.

Coffee </br> with dwvicy is a space to take time to relax, learn and reflect. Talk with experts and other students to learn about their experiences and set direction with actionable insights on how to deal with the common challenges of being a student, such as burnout, imposter syndrome and job applications.

Prepare a cup of your favorite hot beverage and join the show every Monday at 20:30 IST on GitHub Campus TV.

Honest Academics, hosted by Ifueko Igbinedion

When? Tuesdays 18:30 ET – 5:00 am IST

Navigating the academic landscape during the undergrad and grad years can be extremely difficult—especially in computer science. With the ever-growing list of fields, specializations, and opportunities it can be a daunting task to find the right course of action. However, as a Stanford graduate, former Google intern, and PhD student at MIT, Ifueko has seen quite a bit and is ready to spill the tea on learning tech.

Honest Academics with ifueko demystifies undergraduate and computer science degrees, from admission and education to internships and graduate school, while providing actionable advice regarding software development education and career choices from a machine learning PhDstudent’s perspective.

The show is a must-watch for any student who is considering pursuing a career in computer science, or is interested in learning more about the field. Don’t miss the show every Tuesday at 6:30 pm ET and set the course for your career in tech.

[Spanish] LatinXperts, hosted by Fernanda Ochoa and Carlo Gilmar

When? Tuesdays at 19:00 CT – 6:30 am IST

Have you been practicing drawing an octocat in less than 5 seconds already? We definitely did! LatinXperts, the show for students from Latin America, is back for a second season. This time with more guests from LATAM.

As a student from a small town, Fernanda Ochoa experienced a lack of resources, opportunities, and mentors that she could follow as role models. What about other students that might be in the same situation? The show aims to highlight stories of developers, managers, and leaders that have set the foundation of the tech industry in the region to ultimately inspire the next generation of developers and prove whether you come from a big city or a small town there is a place for you.

Going live every Tuesday at 7 pm CT with Carlo Gilmar, the show’s illustrator in residence, you’ll get to learn the guests’ journeys in tech and how they were able to make an impact in such a fast-growing industry. Don’t forget to bring your pen and paper for the drawing challenges at the end of each stream.

The Campus DevRel Show, hosted by Yashovardhan Agrawal

When? Wednesdays 20:00 IST – 6:30 am PT

Following his commitment to inspire more students to get involved in DevRel, Yash is back for a second round of The Campus DevRel Show. The show is a platform for students to learn the skills needed for the role and get inspired by professionals to get involved in DevRel.

In the last season of The DevRel Show Yash covered general aspects of developer relations. The shows helped many understand what DevRel is and their daily work in this industry, yet we only scratched the surface. In this second season, we’ll dig into the specifics of the role.

Yash will take one essential skill of the guest in which they excel and talk about their approach to solving a real-world project. Starting from brainstorming, planning, and gathering resources, up to the execution of the project, the guest will be helping you to understand the thought process behind DevRel initiatives and how they work in the industry.

Are you as excited for this come-back as we are? Watch The Campus DevRel Show with Yash every Wednesday at 20:00 IST on GitHub Campus TV.

Demystifying Blockchain, hosted by Guna Shekar

When? Thursdays at 19:00 IST – 5:30 am PT

Demystifying Blockchain aims to take you on a journey. From understanding theoretical concepts and how it works under the hood to learning how to implement applications on top of it while covering the latest developments in the industry.

The context for each episode is of student developers looking to break into the blockchain space by learning from the basics and building applications. The show is designed to be a hands-on experience and a fun and interactive way to learn about blockchain.

If you have heard of blockchain, but not sure what it is or how to use it, this is the right place to start. Join Guna Shekar every Thursday at 19:00 IST (5:30 am PT) to learn about the basics of blockchain technology, how it works and how to implement applications on top of it.

Hacking Hackathons, hosted by Aaishika S Bhattacharya

When? Thursdays at 20:15 IST – 6:45 am PT

Attending your first hackathon is one of the most memorable moments of your life. You work with different people, technologies, types of projects. It is an opportunity to meet people from non-technical backgrounds and learn from their experiences. But how can you prepare for such an event? Here is where Aaishika comes in.

Hacking Hackathons is your weekly digest to diving deeper into the world of open source development through hackathons. Learn how to choose the right technology stack, tips for presenting, and how to implement multiple open-source libraries for your projects. The show is curated carefully to promote the idea of learning by doing and help you excel at product development and storytelling, two essential components for conquering the art–and science–of these dynamic events.

Aaishika’s experience is invaluable. As an MLH Coach and an active participant at hackathons, you’ll get the perspective of a hacker, judge, and event organizer. Join the show every Thursday at 20:15 IST and prepare for your next hackathon!

Da CSS Hour, hosted by Arsalan Khattak

When? Fridays 22:00 IST – 8:30 am PT

It is common that developers add styles to a website at some point in your career. From making minor tweaks to the look and feel of your website, creating a custom theme for your blog, or styling your portfolio, you’re likely to be using CSS. But what is CSS?

After a tremendous first season covering topics like open-source development and tools, Khattakdev is back with another coding show on GitHub Campus TV—his time, covering CSS and tools you can use to style your websites.

On DaCSSHour, you’ll get to hone your CSS skills and knowledge to an expert level by building good-looking websites while learning tips and tricks along the way. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll be able to understand the ins and outs of CSS and how to use it to style your websites.

Tech it, hosted by Ifunanya Ikemma

When? Fridays at 19:00 WAT – 10:00 am PT

What does it mean to be a woman in tech? How can you break into the industry? Tech it with Iphie is a guide to help women land jobs in tech regardless of their backgrounds. We review real-life use cases of people who don’t have technical experience or didn’t study engineering, but still make meaningful contributions in tech.

Tech it with Iphie pushes you to think about non-technical roles because, in addition to engineers, tech companies need accountants, lawyers, and subject matter experts. No matter your background, there is a role for you in the tech community.

Automate Boring Things using Python, hosted by Adil Shehzad and Haris Manzoor

When? Fridays at 20:30 IST – 7:00 am PT

Who likes to do repetitive tasks when you can code them? In this Python automation and testing show, learn how to improve the stability of a web application, starting with a record-and-playback approach with Selenium, serverless computing using containers, and advanced approaches using WebDriver.

From learning how to install Python to creating your first continuous integration workflows using Jenkins, this show will set anyone up for a good start to build robust applications.

Save the date!

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