GitHub Enterprise Server 3.3 is now generally available for all customers. This release improves performance for CI/CD, and for customers with large repositories. There are dozens of features that make it quicker and easier than ever before to collaborate and communicate in GitHub. There’s a brand new security role, and some highly anticipated additions for GitHub Advanced Security and Dependabot. You can find all changes in the release notes, but here are five highlights from the release:

  • Easier self-hosted runner auto-scaling with job lifecycle events and ephemeral (single job) runners (#165, #243).
  • Set expiration dates for Personal Access Tokens (PATs) to better scope token lifetimes and reduce risk (#219).
  • Scan for user-defined patterns with GitHub Advanced Security to identify secrets, credentials and other sensitive information in your repositories (#270).
  • Get extra visual clarity with dark mode high contrast theme and other color enhancements to GitHub themes (#202).
  • We have upgraded the GitHub Enterprise Server operating system to Debian 10 (codenamed Buster) (#324).

In addition to these exciting updates, customers are invited to participate in three new beta programs.

  • The new security manager role allows a specified teams’ members to manage security alerts and settings across your organization, as well as granting read permission for all repositories in the organization (#238).
  • The GitHub repository cache will mirror repositories near these clients, reducing latency and bandwidth required to support geographically-distributed teams while also reducing load on the primary instance (#208).
  • Dependabot Security Updates keep projects secure by opening pull requests that update dependencies to a non-vulnerable version. This extends Dependabot Security Updates to GitHub Enterprise Server (#86).

To learn more about all the new features in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.3, read the release notes or download it today. Are you using the latest GitHub Enterprise Server version? Use the Upgrade Assistant to find the upgrade path from your current version of GitHub Enterprise Server to your desired version.

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