In the past two years, GitHub has doubled in size, welcoming more than 760 new Hubbers in 2021 alone. It can be easy to get distracted when you’re growing fast, yet our dedication to diversity and inclusion did not falter.

This past year we particularly focused on our goal of making GitHub more equitable. We saw growth in our diversity representation, whose population increased at a higher rate than the company itself.

While this is certainly an achievement, we know there is room for improvement—especially for minority representation at the most senior levels of the technology industry. To address this gap, we implemented development programs to intentionally advance the careers of our diverse talent.

While creating a diverse team is important, it’s only the initial step. It means nothing if we can’t provide a feeling of belonging to every member of that team. This year, we welcomed new communities of belonging (employee resource groups), including one focused on neurodiversity at work, and another dedicated to giving a voice to indigenous people around the globe with the support of a wide network of allies.

Our Hubbers’ dedication to their own acumen was evident when 97% of them completed the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging learning journey. We also co-created learning circles with Hubbers to courageously discuss important inclusion topics in a safe space, such as challenges facing the transgender community, complexities of being multilingual in the workplace, and more. Also, we designed a new learning experience dedicated to our leaders, who play a pivotal role in continuing to foster inclusion for all.

The past year brought us not just a global pandemic, but also acts of violence, and natural disasters, like wildfires and earthquakes. Our Hubbers stood up to the challenge, and remained focused on acknowledging the needs of others. We saw them giving, caring, and raising their voices to help advocate for those in need. It was extraordinary to see our teammates from all generations, ideologies, and professions give selflessly. They embodied what it is to share our privilege. I remain humbled by their fortitude.

In a world that keeps giving us reason to focus on our differences, Hubbers have continued to make GitHub a platform for all, not for the few.

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