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Student developer resources you won’t find in the classroom

Heading back to school? Did you just graduate? The GitHub Education Stream Team (GEST) is sharing resources, tools, and more to help emerging developers land a job.

Student developer resources you won’t find in the classroom

Heading back to school? Did you just graduate? The GitHub Education Stream Team (GEST) is sharing resources, tools, and more to help emerging developers land a job. Student leaders from around the world are creating and hosting shows to grow the tech community and share information you won’t find in the classroom.

New shows, new hosts, new resources on Campus TV

From former campus experts to regional experts, meet the newest members of the Stream Team on Campus TV. Don’t forget to tune in every week for your favorite shows.

🌟🕵️‍♀️ Tech interviews simplified, hosted by Khushboo Verma

GitHub field expert Khushboo Verma is on a mission to demystify technical interviews. Why? The more prepared you are for a technical interview, the better chance you have of landing a job. Tech Interviews Simplified focuses on the entire interview process, because Khushboo believes that everyone should have access to resources regardless of what college they attend. From the screening to the behavioral interview, Tech Interviews Simplified will spotlight how to successfully prepare and interview for different roles in product management, software engineering, and more.

That’s not all. Khushboo will be sharing helpful tips and tricks that she and other professionals have learned over the years. Whether it’s a successful interview or a rejection, there is always something to learn. This unique show gives the audience an opportunity to learn from other candidate’s experiences. It’s also a reminder that it is okay to fail, accept feedback, and come back even stronger. Ultimately, interviews are about preparation, support, and resilience.

Prepare for your next interview with Tech Interviews Simplified every Sunday at 7 pm IST.

🔴🚀 El Parche Dev, hosted by Manu Castriollon

Non-technical skills are just as important as the technical skills you build in the classroom. Manu Castriollon is creating a space for audience members to grow their soft skills and learn from experienced professionals. El Parache Dev will give tech students from LATAM the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, discover how to grow their careers, and get the tools to succeed. What topics can you look forward to?

    ✅ Work-life balance
    ✅ Impostor syndrome
    ✅ Study techniques
    ✅ Finding a job in a different country
    ✅ Landing your first job

El Parche Dev is not only giving students a space to grow the necessary skills to succeed, but also a voice to share experiences, questions, and become active members of the conversation.

Sharpen your soft skills with El Parche Dev every Thursday at 7 pm UTC-5.

🎤💻 TechSide Chat, hosted by Dilum De Silva and Isuru Abeywardana

Best friends Dilum De Silva and Isuru Abeywardana are tackling interview challenges together. Dilum and Isuru talk before and after interviews, bounce ideas off of each other, and provide honest feedback. Motivated by their friendship and experiences, they developed TechSide Chat as a community for emerging developers to ask questions, discuss challenges, and hear from seasoned tech leads, since not everyone has a friend like Dilum or Isuru.

What is at the heart of TechSide Chat? It’s experience sharing. Together with other professionals, they are building a community to spotlight the importance of personal experiences and what we can accomplish together. TechSide Chat will focus on the skills and experiences developers gain in different roles, stages, companies, and countries to set junior technologists up for success.

Whether you are starting a new job or changing careers, this show will provide a glimpse into how to tackle shared challenges. What makes TechSide Chat so unique? Dilum and Isuru are inviting speakers to share their personal journey and tips for making new friends, relocating, adapting to different company and country cultures, and more. If you’re wondering how seasoned techies felt on their first day or what challenges they overcame, then this show is for you!

Tune in to hear real stories, ask questions, make friends, and set yourself up for success. Join the TechSide Chat community by tuning in every Saturday at 8 pm IST.

👨‍💻😸 Code Kitty, hosted by Shreya Prasad, Ahamed Safnaj, and Chamod Shehanka

Code Kitty brings together three campus experts with different experiences from different industries to introduce students to open source contributions. Shreya Prasad, Ahamed Safnaj, and Chamod Shehanka are sharing resources you won’t find in the classroom. Code Kitty dives into the phases of creating a full-stack web application to bridge the gap between what you learn in school and what you learn on the job. Thanks to the Code Kitty team, you will see the entire life cycle from development to deployment and so much more! It doesn’t stop there. You will see everything roll out on a life stream, including how to debug code.

Why is this show important to these campus experts? They are excited to introduce more students to open source contributions.

Follow along, ask questions, contribute, and watch Code Kitty every Sunday at 8:30 pm IST. Catch the latest episode on Frontend with Firebase Authentication, and don’t forget to check out Code Kitty on Github!

🙋‍♀️💥 Tech it with Iphie, hosted by Ifunanya Ikemma

Ifunanya Ikemma has been part of communities for women in tech for years. Now she is giving back to the community that helped build her own career. What does it mean to be a woman in tech? How can you break into the industry? Tech it with Iphie is a guide to help women land jobs in tech regardless of their backgrounds, because you don’t need a technical background to be part of the solution. This important show uses real-life use cases of people who don’t have a technical background, didn’t study engineering, but still make meaningful contributions in tech.

As an educator and proud advocate for women in tech, Ifunayna is highlighting the need and opportunity for women with or without technical backgrounds. When we think about jobs at a tech company, we often think about software engineering, product management, and maybe even DevRel. Tech it with Iphie is pushing the audience to think about nontechnical roles, because in addition to engineers, tech companies need accountants, lawyers, and subject matter experts. No matter your background, there is a role for you in the tech community.

Watch Tech it with Iphie every Saturday at 1 pm GMT+1

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