If you think about it, 13kB isn’t really a lot. The image above is 81kB. This page weighs over 3MB (waaay more if you include the videos). That’s why it’s so incredibly impressive that the following developers were actually able to build something in just 13 kilobytes. 🤯

This year’s js13kGames competition theme was SPACE, and that prompted many clones of Asteroids and Space Invaders (some with major twists in gameplay), perplexing puzzle games using and abusing empty space, and games that required, well, a lot of mashing the SPACE bar! You’ll see lots of variety in gameplay, interpretations of the theme, and an incredible amount of talent on display when you scroll down.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite entries from this year, plus some short video clips to pique your interest:

Space Huggers

“It’s roguelike Broforce in 13kb and that’s marvelous!”@kesiev

Space Block Invaders

Technically it’s impressive, great graphics.” – @robertocapuano


“No words!! This is a great technical achievement! Awesome! I’ve never expected that a js13k game could give me a jump scare!”@agar3s

Did you know: You can read about out how @phoboslab created this masterpiece in their “making of” blog post.

The Adventures of Captain Callisto

“Awesome. Everything is so smooth. Level design is fun and ramps up nicely. The jetpack animation on level complete was surprisingly delightful.”@leimapapa

Hit the space!

Very beautiful, and the gameplay is hard but well executed and fun!” – @gagamoto

Black Hole Square

“Beautiful presentation. Clever puzzle design. Great use of sound!” – @codyebberson


Great graphics and nice level design!” – @xem

Safe Space

“The theme is dealt with with great originality. The graphics are great, the audio is good. Putting a 13k platform is technically great.” – @robertocapuano

Galaxy Rider

It had that classic Free Rider feeling. Very cool! Love the physics puzzles.” – @joseprio

Beat Rocks

“What a fantastic spin on a classic. Great music.”@Rybar


“I was really blown away when I first played this. So cute and polished. Congrats!”@ckolin

Space Garden

Very clever entry, loved the pixel art graphics, the dithering is cool. Nice music, the controls and player movement are smooth and pretty unique. Great entry!” – @tyler6699

The Maze of Space Goblins

A solid entry! played 15 levels and still amused about every new mechanic introduced in the game.” – @agar3s

Those are just a few of my favorites. Be sure to check out the complete list of entries–ranked and rated by the developers themselves on the js13k website.

Huuuge thank you to @end3r for organizing yet another incredible jam, all of the judges, and everyone who took time to build, play, rate, and review the entries. <3

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