GitHub Enterprise Server 3.2 is now generally available for all customers. This release brings over 70 new features and changes to improve developer experience and deliver new security capabilities to our customers. You can find all changes in the release notes, but here are six highlights from the release:

  • Manage continuous delivery workflows with GitHub Actions using environments, environment protection rules, and environment secrets (#167, #164).
  • Enjoy a more delightful development experience with the new dark and dimmed appearance settings (#177)
  • Share videos of prototypes and bug reports in issues and pull requests, and use a new branch protection rule to ensure all conversations are resolved in a pull request before it’s merged.
  • Access GitHub using the industry’s trusted security tools, including third party security keys and the Git Credential Manager.
  • Control which email domains notifications are sent to, with the new Approved and Verified Domains administration feature (#183).
  • Reduce threats to your GitHub environment by configuring personal access tokens to automatically expire (#219).

Additionally, customers using GitHub Advanced Security will now benefit from security overview, a single organization-level view of the application security risks detected by code scanning, Dependabot, and secret scanning. And security teams can now scan for company credentials, with support for custom patterns in secret scanning (#159).

To learn more about all the new features in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.2, read the release notes or download it today.

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