GitHub is on a mission to create a more secure supply chain for all developers and organizations. To do that, we need to empower all developer communities with a comprehensive vulnerability database.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that the GitHub Advisory Database now includes curated security advisories on the Rust ecosystem!

The Rust addition expands our Advisory Database coverage to eight supported programming language ecosystems: Composer (PHP), Go, Maven, npm, NuGet, pip, RubyGems and Rust.

This coverage ensures that any member of the Rust community can check for security issues in the same place that their code resides: on GitHub. And it’s only the first step! Check out our public roadmap as we work toward Rust support for the dependency graph and Dependabot alerts.

Thank you, RustSec and Rust community!

As we worked to add the Rust ecosystem to the Advisory Database, we received a lot of support from RustSec and the Rust community.

We are immensely grateful to RustSec, an independent organization that collects, standardizes, and publishes security advisories related to Rust libraries. Its free public database is the starting point for our own Rust vulnerability dataset.

We plan to continue our collaboration with RustSec and the broader Rust community by making our own GitHub Security Advisory data available and easily consumable to further supplement theirs. Working together, we can do more to reduce the problem of vulnerability visibility than we could apart.


GitHub’s Advisory Database is an open database of security advisories focused on high-quality, actionable vulnerability information for developers. It’s licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, so the data can be used anywhere.

So far, we’ve published 317 Rust Security Advisories, and this number will grow as we collect more data from the community. You can see current Rust advisories by selecting Rust on the left menu in the GitHub Advisory Database.

Screenshot of GitHub Advisory Database with Rust filter applied, showing 317 advisories

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