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Student leaders are taking GitHub Campus TV to the next level

The GitHub Education Stream Team is adding new shows. Job-hunting graduate? New to coding? No matter where you are, there's a show for you.

Student leaders are taking GitHub Campus TV to the next level

Have you heard about the GitHub Education Stream Team a.k.a. GEST? They are student developers taking over Campus TV. From game shows to live coding challenges, the student-led program provides viewers with resources, connections, community, and fun.

New shows, new hosts, new opportunities

GEST is adding shows every week from around the world. Are you a recent graduate looking for a job? Are you new to coding and looking for resources? No matter where you are in your learning journey, there is a show for you. The Stream Team is committed to building communities through engaging and meaningful content on Campus TV. Together we can grow the technology community one stream at a time.

Meet the newest members of the Stream Team

🔍👀 What in the tech do I do hosted by Iqrah Nadeem

Iqrah Nadeem is graduating this year with a degree in computer science. Like many recent and soon-to-be graduates, Iqrah is exploring job opportunities and ways to break into the tech industry. After watching live streamed game shows on YouTube and Twitch, Iqrah was inspired to host a live stream game show of her own to highlight uncommon job titles in tech. Recognizing that she isn’t the only recent grad, Iqrah created What in the tech do I do to support other young developers as they find their way after graduation.

The show brings together students and industry professionals to showcase unconventional job titles and career paths. Do you know what a Music and Sound Technology and Tech Lawyer does? Watch episode 5 to find out.

Let’s uncover tech, one degree, and a job title at a time! Catch What in the tech do I do every Friday at 5pm UTC+1 and watch as students play hangman to uncover exciting jobs in tech. Are you a fan of the show? Follow Iqrah on YouTube for more content.

The Stream Team is about more than just content. It is also about shared experiences. When interviewing Iqrah, she mentioned technical difficulties during her first show. If you have experienced glitches and hiccups while running online events, you are not alone. That is why we created the GitHub Virtual Event Kit. Get the tools you need to run a successful online event at no cost.

📍💛 Hadith Tech hosted by Abdurrahman Rajab

What makes a speaker engaging and inspiring? It often comes down to relatability. That is the motivation behind Hadith Tech. Abdurrahman Rajab is creating a trusted space to celebrate local sources and talent in the MENA region.

The goal of the show is to empower viewers by bringing together local technologists who share similar experiences, language, and culture with the audience. Seeing a speaker who looks like you and speaks your language is important, but does not always happen. That is why Abdurrahman created this show. Hadith Tech will stream in Arabic, as speakers proudly reflect the region and language of the viewers.

What can you look forward to? You’ll hear from technologists with unique backgrounds and careers, such as:

  • Mahmoud A. Rabo, founder of @uxwritingAr. He continues to help people in the region learn and master UX Writing and Content Design.
  • Hasan Aljabbouli, a Syrian professor who fled from Syria to Turkey. He is currently a professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University and owns two granted patents.
  • Walid Ziouche, a contributor to the Arabic web, who has created valuable projects that translated the web to Arabic.

What makes these speakers so special? The speakers work with unconditional love for the region as they share their experiences, expertise, and time. They are not only participating in the show, but also providing feedback and mentorship to Abdurrahman as he launches an important show to spotlight local talent.

Ready to be inspired? Watch Hadith Tech every Sunday at 7pm GMT+3.

💻🥇 Ota’s Live hosted by Otávio Reis Perkles and Otacilio Saraiva Maia Neto

Otávio Reis Perkles and Otacilio Saraiva Maia Neto are making coding streams less passive and more interactive with Ota’s Live. The show, which will stream in Portugese, features live coding challenges. Otávio and Otacilio will not only host the show, but also dive into how the code works and what the creators are doing as they battle it out in front of a live audience. Ota’s Live is meant for all levels of experience—whether you’re new to coding or an expert.

Who will you be rooting for? Make sure to let the hosts know in the chat because they will be monitoring it throughout the competition. This is not like any other show you have seen. Otávio and Otacilio are ready to answer your questions in the chat, distract the competitors, and make live coding fun and interactive for the audience.

Otávio said, “I want to create content that I would want to consume.” He definitely did! You will see creators like pokemaobr and xTenca show off their skills for a chance to be an Ota’s Live coding champion. Stay tuned for a release date. In the meantime, get ready to cheer on your favorite creator!

Where can you watch?

It’s simple. Follow GitHub Education on Twitch for notifications and tune in every week. Busy schedule? No problem. Catch reruns anytime on GitHub Campus TV.

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