We’re proud to share the new and improved Social Impact at GitHub website, and we’re really excited to share what our team has been working on!

GitHub’s mission is to advance human progress. Our part in that mission is to leverage the company’s assets in unique and powerful ways that can drive change for nonprofits and the greater social sector. Our world faces significant challenges, such as climate change, racial injustice, the COVID-19 pandemic, and increasing income inequality. The social sector, including local nonprofits, international development organizations, and foundations are working hard to address them. And they need our help.

The GitHub Social Impact Team has worked for the last few years to bring together the power and potential of our technology products and open source communities, the passion of GitHub employees, the commitment of our leadership team, and our own deep knowledge of social sector industries to make a positive and lasting contribution to the world.

What’s new

First, a new Social Impact homepage to share our updated mission, insights from partners, as well as our program milestones to date. You’ll also learn about two of our latest and top-priority initiatives: Tech for Social Good and Hubber Giving (employee engagement). Check out the new homepage to learn more about each program, and read about ongoing opportunities for engagement with our team.

Second, we added a new page about our Tech for Social Good portfolio of programs, which leverage GitHub’s platform and products, community, and people to strengthen the social sector’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its key activities are research, community building, guides and tools, and sponsorship. Take a look at the new Tech for Social Good page to get up to speed on its latest programs.

And finally, we’ve created a new Insights page where we’ll share articles, talks, research, and other content we’ve created to support the social sector. From in-depth pieces on specific programs like Skills-Based Volunteering to guest contributions from partners like UNICEF, learn more about how we are bringing our strategy to life on our new Insights page.

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