This year, thousands of students from around the world came together and redefined the world we live in, how we learn, and how we move forward. We are honored to be part of the experience and eager to celebrate this milestone.

Join the GitHub Education Team on June 5 at 9:00am PT to celebrate the Class of 2021 and welcome them to a global community of innovative thinkers and impactful builders. During a devastating year, these graduates shined a light on what is possible. We saw project after project showcasing not only their skills, but also their passion and perseverance. This class is unstoppable!

What can you look forward to?

GitHub Graduation is one of our favorite events. It’s the culmination of hard work and determination. The ceremony brings together the next generation of leaders from around the world. It is a day to celebrate our craft, our community, and how technology moves the world forward. We are proud to welcome the Class of 2021.

Two familiar faces will be hosting the event: Juan Pablo Flores and Elise Hollowed from the GitHub Education team. During the commencement ceremony, we’ll also be joined by Campus Experts from around the world. They will be sharing their favorite projects, moments, advice for the future, and more.

To mark the special occasion and welcome the Class of 2021, GitHub Senior Vice President of Product, Shanku Niyogi will be delivering the commencement address.

Graduating in 2021?

How can you join the celebration? Submit a pull request before May 27 to join the event and “walk the stage.” The first 5,000 pull requests merged will receive a custom holographic card with their GitHub stats mailed to them. What goes well with a holographic card? A yearbook! By merging your markdown file into the graduation repository, you’ll leave your mark in the 2021 yearbook.

We can’t wait to commemorate this milestone with you. Don’t forget to make a pull request, join the yearbook, and walk the stage with your fellow graduates. See you there!

Join the class of 2021.

Will we see you there?

Mark your calendar for June 5! Whether you’re a graduate, volunteer, student, mentor, or teacher, we hope to see you at graduation!

Are you part of the graduating class? Don’t forget to submit a pull request to join the event and snag a place in the yearbook. Plus, you’ll get a custom holographic card to share your GitHub stats and commemorate the occasion.