Can agreement terms be a great user experience? This was the challenge GitHub’s legal department set for itself last year. We’re excited to announce all-new GitHub Customer Terms for our enterprise community, rewritten and restructured with an easier experience in focus.

Key benefits:

  • Page reduction by 70%: Agreement terms have been radically shortened by more than 70%.
  • Microsoft customers can apply existing terms: The Microsoft customer agreement now applies to any GitHub purchase.
  • Product-specific terms moved to addenda: Terms limited to product functionality and internal operations have been separated out from the general terms and moved into addenda.
  • DPA alignment between GitHub and Microsoft: The GitHub Data Protection Agreement now aligns with Microsoft’s DPA where possible and includes additional security controls and commitments. If you’re a Microsoft customer, we’ve created a short addendum to the Microsoft DPA describing GitHub-specific privacy and security obligations, eliminating the need for a separate DPA when purchasing GitHub products.

If you’re a GitHub Enterprise or Microsoft customer, the new enterprise legal page at is your single place to view enterprise terms for all GitHub products, professional services, and support. Instead of selecting agreements based on a complicated matrix of sales motions and product offerings, you’re presented with one set of general terms; six pages in plain language!

As part of this overhaul, we also created a whole new set of terms and dedicated legal landing page for our partners! GitHub’s partners are fundamental to helping us build trust and a smooth onboarding experience. If you’re a partner, you can now enjoy an evergreen Partner Agreement with flexible terms by simply signing a one-page enrollment.

Questions? Reach out to us at