In February, we experienced no incidents resulting in service downtime to our core services.

This month’s GitHub Availability Report will provide initial details around an incident from March 1 that caused significant impact and a degraded state of availability for the GitHub Actions service.

March 1 09:59 UTC (lasting one hour and 42 minutes)

Our service monitors detected a high error rate on creating check suites for workflow runs. This incident resulted in the failure or delay of some queued jobs for a period of time. Additionally, some customers using the search/filter functionality to find workflows may have experienced incomplete search results.

In February, we experienced a few smaller and unrelated incidents affecting different parts of the GitHub Actions service. While these were localized to a subset of our customers and did not have broad impact, we take reliability very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation into the contributing factors.

Due to the recency of the March 1 incident, we are still investigating the contributing factors and will provide a more detailed update in the March Availability Report, which will be published the first Wednesday of April. We will also share more about our efforts to minimize the impact of future incidents and increase the performance of the Actions service.

In summary

GitHub Actions has grown tremendously, and we know that the availability and performance of the service is critical to its continued success. We are committed to providing excellent service, reliability, and transparency to our users, and will continue to keep you updated on the progress we’re making to ensure this.

For more information, you can check out our status page for real-time updates on the availability of our systems and the GitHub Engineering blog for deep-dives around how we’re improving our engineering systems and infrastructure.