Today we’re announcing general availability of GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0. Introduced during the GitHub Universe 2020 keynote, it’s the biggest ever change to Enterprise Server.

Every company using GitHub can now safely and securely take ideas from code to production without leaving the platform. GitHub Actions, the most popular CI tool on, is now available on Server, alongside GitHub Packages and the powerful code and secret scanning tools in GitHub Advanced Security. Read more about those features here.

With this release, we launched GitHub’s new release candidate program. Over two release candidates, more than a hundred companies have already tried Enterprise Server 3.0. The response to the release candidates really was amazing.

We’ve incorporated customers’ feedback from the release candidates to improve GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 in all aspects: from addressing friction in user journeys, to capturing additional audit log events, as well as improving the stability, reliability, and scalability of the product. We’ve also updated our documentation based on your feedback, including clearer guidance on the infrastructure requirements, so it’s easier for you to get started with Enterprise Server 3.0.

Download GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 now, or read more in the release notes.

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