Temporary interaction limits have new, powerful, and flexible updates. You can now enable interaction limits for up to six months. In addition, you can limit interactions across all your personal repositories with a single toggle.

Longer interaction limits

Now, you can set temporary interaction limits for 24 hours, three days, one week, one month, or six months. This gives you more flexibility to slow things down when a repository is getting a lot of attention, take breaks away from projects, and protect from spam or abuse.

Screenshot showing setting of timed interaction limit

User-wide interaction limits

Sometimes keeping up with your GitHub repositories can be overwhelming, especially if many of them are open source. If you need to put things on pause, you can now enable temporary interaction limits across all of your public, user-owned repositories with a single toggle in your user settings under “Interaction limits.”

Screenshot showing setting user-wide interaction limits

REST API updates

These new features are also available in the REST API. Check out the Interactions documentation for more on how to set longer interaction limits, or to set them for all of a user’s public repositories.

GraphQL API updates

We’ve also brought interaction limits to the GraphQL API. You can query for interaction limits, and set or disable them for repositories, users, and organizations, just like you can in the REST API.

You can read more about single repository limits, user-wide limits, and organization-wide limits.