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Introducing the New (and Improved!) Campus Experts Program

What we look for from applicants, plus an overview of how the application process works.

Introducing the New (and Improved!) Campus Experts Program

In 2021, the GitHub Campus Experts Program will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. The program has grown from a small group of handpicked students in 2016 to what it is now a group that spans across the globe, leading in-person and online meetups, conferences, hackathons, and more. These students come from a range of backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: they are deeply passionate about technology.

In these past five years, the program has supported more than 250 students, building technical communities around the world. As local leaders, Campus Experts know the challenges students face at college. They work closely with their peers to close the gap between industry and academia, creating new opportunities for students to learn industry-valued skills. What’s more, being part of the program provides students with valuable resources and training to ensure that they have everything they need to face these challenges head on, achieve their goals, and better serve their local student community.

This is why every year we receive tens of thousands of applications to the program. In 2020, the number of applications considerably increased, and it became clear to us that we needed a better way to understand our applicants and their needs. That’s why we decided to take a step back and make some changes that will allow us to have a more streamlined application process, hasten response times, and improve the overall experience for accepted students.  That said, starting in February, we’ll be launching a brand new application process for the program.

What We Want to Learn About You

The first thing we want to do is get to know our applicants better, focusing on four key pillars.

  1. Motivation: What makes you tick? What drives you?
  2. Interest: Why do you want to be part of the program?
  3. Growth and potential: What kind of skills do you want to learn, and how will they help you grow personally and professionally?
  4. Contribution: What kind of an impact do you want to make on your campus?

We also updated our requirements for the program. To apply, you must:

  • Have the GitHub Student Developer Pack
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be enrolled in a formal higher education institution
  • Have at least one year before graduating
  • Have had a GitHub account for at least six months

How the Application Process Works

The application process consists of two sections: first an application form and then a video resume. In the form, we’re looking for students to tell us about the challenges their student community faces, what opportunities they want to build for their peers, as well as the potential they see for growth. In the video resume, we’re hoping to get to know you better as a person, including your motivations and interests.

Applications to the program open twice a year—in February and August—and you’ll have a full month to submit. Once applications to the program close, the GitHub Education team will review it. This review period can take up to two weeks. If the team would like to move forward with you, they’ll reach out with instructions about how to submit your video resume. You will then have two weeks to do so.

A quick note on submitting your video: A video using your webcam and computer microphone is more than enough! We understand this process might not be accessible for all students. If you require an alternative method to make your submission, you can reach out to the GitHub Education team, and we’ll arrange some help.

After your video has been submitted, we’ll take about a week to review it. If the program is the right fit for you, you’ll be accepted and receive an invitation to go through the GitHub Campus Experts Training.

All About Training and How It’s Changed

The GitHub Campus Experts Training is the most significant benefit any student can get from the program. The training itself has a six-week timeline where you’ll be able to analyze your community and learn community leadership skills, —like public speaking, technical writing, and software development, as well as —and write a community proposal. This year, we’ve made a few updates to make the program even more impactful.

First of all, we’ll be providing more explicit instructions in the modules to make it easier for students to enter valid submissions. We’re also offering a series of follow-ups and events for students to connect with one another and Campus Experts during the program. This means more mentorship, more opportunities to meet and learn from like-minded peers, and more chances to develop new skills.

What’s Next!

Are you ready to apply? Make sure you’re ready by getting the GitHub Student Developer Pack and subscribing for program updates. The application process will begin in February! We look forward to hearing from you.

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