The year 2020 has upended nearly every aspect of society. In a panel for GitHub Satellite back in May, we briefly covered some of the ways in which our social sector partner organizations, Hubbers, and their immediate communities have been disrupted by  COVID-19.  Broadly, we classified these areas as economic, societal, and pandemic. In the May panel we also spoke about the role of open source in early COVID-19 responses.

On Thursday, December 10 at 10 am PT, Mala Kumar, GitHub’s Senior Program Manager, Tech for Social Good, will host a GitHub Universe panel with Dušan Milovanović, Lead Architect in Public Health Intelligence at the World Health Organization (WHO), and Sara Hollis, Epidemiologist within the Health Emergencies Programme at WHO. They will take us through the past, present, and future of a few key WHO initiatives on early detection, verification, and risk assessment of pandemics, including COVID-19. Bassem Dghaidi, a GitHub Solution Architect will also join the panel.

One idea that has been  reinforced with COVID-19 is that the world is too big, too complicated, and too interconnected for any one country or organization to address pandemics alone. Collaboration in public health is not a new idea; it is a core activity of international governments and organizations. GitHub is proud to be an implementation tool to support modern public health open source technology solutions. Tune into our December 10 panel to learn how your organization, your community, and you as an individual can contribute to specific open source WHO projects to address COVID-19, and the public health challenges of the future. 

Join the WHO panel at GitHub Universe 2020!