Today in America, it’s Veterans Day, a federal holiday to honor those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. As a veteran myself, I know that honoring veterans is our duty—and helping them once they return home is a privilege. So I’m especially proud to help lift up the voices of fellow veterans in tech with our Veterans Day spotlight on The ReadME Project. Join me by reading and sharing these stories, supporting a Veterans Service Organization, or simply taking a moment to honor their service today.

Upon reentering civilian life, veterans face all kinds of challenges, including finding meaningful careers. This said, many are defying stereotypes and breaking into the tech sector then paying it forward to fellow veterans by founding non-profits, building coding boot camps, and offering free resources.

Take Jerome Hardaway, founder of Vets Who Code, who started a free coding boot camp to teach fellow veterans how to become highly-qualified developers. Then, there’s Code Platoon, a coding boot camp where veterans can also find resources, connections, and support. An online community, Operation Code is a hub for the various stages of a tech career, from finding mentors to preparing for interviews. The common thread? A familiar camaraderie we can’t find anywhere else.

I’m even sharing my own story as a veteran who stumbled into a late-in-life technology career change that opened up a world of possibilities I didn’t even know existed. It’s largely because of our incredible veteran community, and it’s certainly changed my life’s trajectory for the better.

In addition to lifting up the voices of our nation’s heroes, we’re partnering with Jerome and Vets Who Code to offer veterans free tickets to all GitHub Universe Workshops, and inviting the Veterans Who Code community to join our micro-mentoring event.

At  GitHub, we have a dedicated Community of Belonging that includes the Octovets to assist  veterans and those impacted by the trials and tribulations of military service. Octovets strive to highlight veteran-related disabilities, assist their transition back into civilian life, and aid nonprofits that support veterans seeking a career in tech.

If you or someone you know is a veteran who’s joined the tech community, we would love to hear your story. Happy Veterans Day to you, your family, and all those who have bravely served in the U.S. Armed Forces!

Visit The ReadME Project to read these stories:

Interested in supporting veterans through mentorship, volunteering, or donations? Sign up to volunteer with Code Platoon, mentor a veteran with Vets Who Code, or get involved in Operation Code.